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Digital Photography One on One: Episode 59: Inverse Square Law

Digital Photography One on One: Episode 59: Inverse Square Law Tube. Duration : 12.27 Mins.

In this week's episode Mark Wallace explains the Inverse Square law and how it can improve your photography.

Keywords: snapfactory, inverse square law, studio lighting, flash, photography, Mark Wallace, Adorama, digital photography one on one, camera

Pentax K200D

Pentax K200D Tube. Duration : 6.53 Mins.

A brief introduction of the Pentax K200D.

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DIGITAL CAMERA WORKSHOP Video Clips. Duration : 12.18 Mins.

Keywords: Digital photography, camera, lens opening

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First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar

First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar Video Clips. Duration : 5.20 Mins.

BUY THE NEW ALBUM NOW! Digital: CD: LP: The official video for "The Lion's Roar", directed by Mats Udd. "The Lion's Roar" is the title track and first single from our sophomore LP, which is out January 24th, 2012 on Wichita Recordings. Director: Mats Udd Cinematography: Johannes Helje Produced by: Ralph Chesterson & Martin Öberg Editing: Anton Skott Set Decorator: Diana Ionescu Styling: Sara Larocca Ramm - Sisters of the Black Moon ( Assistant Cameraman Olle Kirchmeier Steadicam Operator: Néstor Salazar Grading and Online: Ida Svenonius SPFX: Pelle Åkerström, Fia Reisek, Niklas Hermansson Makeup Artist: Izabel Colleen Hair Stylist: Camilla Nordin Production Manager: Ralph Chesterson Underwater camera: Johannes Helje & Maja Dennhag Production Assistant: Jenny Malm & Björn Andersson Extras: Fanny Ekberg Böhme, Magda Ray, Matilda Sundell, Ida Brodhal Fors, Violéta Grape, Sofia Börjesson http


Quiksilver Pro New York - The Epic Edit

Quiksilver Pro New York - The Epic Edit Tube. Duration : 3.77 Mins.

Highlights of the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York shot on an Epic camera by Red Digital Cinema. Footage and edit by Vincent and Julie Kardasik.


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Antique Camera Values

Collecting something in the free time was a favorite pass time for people of all ages. Stamps, coins, bottles, etc are favorite collectible items for many. Collecting something in the free time has been a favorite pass time for people of all ages. Stamps, coins, bottles, and arts are favorite collectible items for many. Many people attach great value to things that were used in the past. Collecting of antique cameras has been taken up as a hobby by many-a-people. Many of the cameras that came in the past have a good antique value today. Hearing the word antique need not make one turn his/her face away. It is interesting that there is growing appreciation for roll cameras in this age of digital cameras. Such cameras produced a century ago have a good market value as antiques. It may appear a costly affair to invest in camera and photographic instruments. But if applied oneself into the field, s/he could find really valuable antiquity among cameras within the budget.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

Before buying an antique camera, have a look at the antique market to have an idea about the real value of the antique you would possibly buy. Paying much more than its value and later being forced to sell it at a much lesser value will rob you of any enthusiasm left in you towards antiques. If you have an eye for detail and willing to go around, you could even get an antique of high value at a local auction center at a fraction of the real value. In such a condition you need not burn your pocket to grab the piece of artifacts that you wanted for a long time. Go around the groups, auction sites, and enthusiastic antique collectors and get a trend of the market.

You have an antique camera and would like to know its value in the existing antique market. There are various options before you, like buying a price guide, or subscribing to an online price guide that deals with antique camera, having a look at the online auction sites or getting the help of an antique appraisal service, keeping in touch with antique camera dealers-both online and offline, listening to talks among groups established by professional camera collectors etc to get an idea of existing trends in the market. The question arises when you have a really unique and rarest of all cameras. You could not find something like the one you have any where. Such a situation is a happy situation. No one would want to lose here by not knowing the real value of the antique camera you proudly own. But winning here is a tricky game. Knowledge of the market and a good knowledge about the artifact you have are important in gauging the value of your antique camera.

Buying or selling an antique camera isn't a simple thing though it appears. Keeping track of the trends in the antique market and value of antique cameras is important. It does the trick if you find a reliable guide- be it a man, or a catalogue or an online support program. But getting the value of the artifact you have or the one you intend to buy in a timely and authentic manner is important if you are making anything out of the deal. Getting an accurate appraisal in time can save you your efforts, time, and of course your money also. A real guide can guide you through the entire process of appraising an artifact to closing the sale.

Antique Camera Values

Understanding White Balance

Understanding White Balance Video Clips. Duration : 8.50 Mins.

Rob Barron, AKA 'My Photo Tutor' ( explains why we need white balance, what it is and how to use the custom white balance function on your dSLR. The principles apply to all dSLRs, irrespective of make or model though method of selection will naturally differ.

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Canon Powershot SX200 IS Digital Camera

Canon Powershot SX200 IS Digital Camera Video Clips. Duration : 6.30 Mins.

Creating gorgeous images is more fun than ever with the sleek, impressively equipped Canon Powershot SX200 IS Digital Camera, elegantly designed in three new colors. Capture close-up, wide-angle shots with stunning 12x optical zoom. Experience the unprecedented image quality and point-and-shoot convenience of Smart AUTO, along with enhanced operability and an intuitive new menu. HD shooting at 1280 x 720 pixels with HDMI output lets you see all the beauty of your HD images and movies on your HDTV.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10 / ZS7 review

Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10 / ZS7 review Tube. Duration : 15.92 Mins.

Full review at . A 15 minute 1080p HD tour around the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 / ZS7, the company's latest pocket super-zoom and successor to the best-selling TZ7 / ZS3. The video demonstrates the 12x zoom, optical stabilisation, 720p HD movies, face recognition and brand new built-in GPS facilities! This video is however only one small part of my full review which you'll find at cameralabs . com. This includes comparisons against the Sony HX5 and Canon SX210 IS, sample images and video clips, along with the best prices for all models. So to find out more, click the link at the start of this text or visit cameralabs . com. If you have any questions regarding this review, feel free to post on the Cameralabs forum!

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How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus - 5 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Trojan Horse Virus

Before we can know how to get rid of trojan virus we need to specify exactly what it is and how it differs from a normal computer virus. A trojan horse virus is a form of malware (malicious software) that leaves your computer open to attack, and derives its name from the famous Greek legend of The Trojan Horse.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

The Trojan Horse was used by the ancient Greeks to trick their way into the once impregnable city of the Trojans (Troy) and secretly send in soldiers to open the gates and allow the rest of the Greek army in to take over and conquer the city.

In the same way, computer trojan viruses disguise themselves as seemingly harmless pieces of software or desired files, but then "open the gates" to other forms of malicious software, spyware, keyloggers etc...leaving you open to anything from someone stealing your credit card information, to some basement-dwelling geek gaining remote access to your computer and files. So the trojan virus' real damage is done in its ability to compromise your computer's security and leave it open to other dangers.

So while a normal computer virus is lethal in itself and can "mutate" and infect other parts of your system, the trojan allows other digital nasties in through the back door. The good news is that this makes it easier to identify and get rid of trojan virus.

How did you get the trojan virus on your computer?

As mentioned above, the trojan virus is often disguised as a normal looking file, so maybe it was an mp3 music file, a patch for a game, an online video, or even a jpeg image file. Either way, it's on your computer, so how do you get rid of trojan horse virus?

Here are the 5 things you need to do right now to get rid of trojan horse virus and avoid it returning:

1. Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and includes all the latest patches and virus, spyware definitions. This will be your first port of call when trying to get rid of trojan virus.

2. Run a system and registry scan to identify the evil trojan virus and then zap it into oblivion to get rid of it. Since it resides within an unimportant file you can easily delete it to get rid of trojan virus - whereas other computer viruses are more tricky to get rid of and need to be "quarantined" to stop them infecting other files on your system.

3. If you know the name of the trojan horse virus then you can check online for information on how to get rid of the trojan virus in question. Microsoft has regular updates on it's site about trojan viruses that affect Windows machines. Online forums also provide you a wealth of information about how to get rid of a trojan horse virus.

4. You could also try to get rid of the trojan virus manually. Check your Task Manager (press Ctrl +Alt +Del on Windows) to identify any programs that may be running in the background that shouldn't be - i.e. they started without your knowledge. If you see any such program, make a note of it's name, click its name to highlight it and click End Task. Open your Control Panel (click the Start menu) and use the Add/Remove programs to find the nasty blighter in question and get rid of it. Be careful with this though as you may end up wrongly deleting a file that is important to your system.

5. Overall you should take a look at your online habits and see how certain actions may compromise the security of your computer and your personal information. If you use Peer-2-Peer (P2P) file-sharing networks then take extra care on what you download, and make sure everything is run through your anti-virus / spyware scanning software first, to get rid of trojan virus that may be attempting to access your system.

How many of your personal details do you enter on your computer on a regular basis? For instance, do you bank online, or pay bills or a credit card? Perhaps you buy gifts and other purchases online? According to CNN, if you use the internet there is a 90% chance that your computer is infected with spyware. How can you be sure that your information is not being viewed by a third party right now?

How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus - 5 Easy Steps to Get Rid of Trojan Horse Virus

How to Film Skateboarding (HD)

How to Film Skateboarding (HD) Video Clips. Duration : 7.03 Mins.

I made this for my Comm Tech class about a month ago. The project was "Teach the class something your good at in photography or film" and people did some useless videos like "How to take a picture with a digital camera" or "How to make a movie in movie maker". This topic was kinda a joke between me and a friend but I somehow ended up actually doing it ahah. I think its pretty useful though, especially these days where kids knowing nothing about filming are getting vx1, mk1 setups and using them like crap. Hopefully if you never filmed skateboarding or just want to improve abit, this video will help you. Also send this to you friends who have cameras and havent seen this video yet. ALSO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! I have many more videos coming up in the next 2 weeks right after i finish my exams, should be legit. Thanks! ADDITIONAL FILMING: Igor Zivkovic Jeff Harris Alex Siambis Ty Evans?

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Using the ColorChecker Passport: Ep 209: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV

Using the ColorChecker Passport: Ep 209: Digital Photography 1 on 1: Adorama Photography TV Video Clips. Duration : 20.82 Mins.

AdoramaTV Presents Digital Photography One on One. In this week's episode Mark answers a question regarding color calibration and correction. Join Mark in the studio as he demonstrates the use of the ColorChecker Passport to achieve accurate and consistent color. Watch Episode 13: White Balance: Visit for more photography videos! Send your questions to:

Keywords: Adorama, Adorama TV, Mark Wallace, snapfactory, snapfactory studios, Photography, Digital, Digital Photography, camera, tips, color correction, Lightroom, colorchecker Passport, Post Production, Tutorial, Demonstration, youtube

Nikon D3100 shooting modes

Nikon D3100 shooting modes Video Clips. Duration : 5.80 Mins.

Nikon D3100 tutorial

Keywords: Nikon, dslr, D3100, camera

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Unlock Pro Secrets & Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Unlock Pro Secrets & Take Your Photography to the Next Level Tube. Duration : 3.57 Mins.

This is the trailer for our Advanced Digital SLR Photography DVD. Part out our Photography Masterclass DVD series. In this programme we help take your photography to the next level as we look at several specialised areas of capturing stunning images. See step by step how to paint a night scene with light on a 20 minute exposure. Learn the skills of working with models and using flash and reflectors in the day. Watch as Karl gives you his top tips for action shots and gives you an insight into essential pro equipment for Macro, Remote Capture and much, much more. On this DVD you will learn: * Painting with Light Just like an artist you can actually use light to paint your scene! Karl takes you step by step through this fascinating process of turning night into day with simply stunning results. * Macro and Extreme Close Up With todays reduced chip size DSLRs its possible to capture great macro shots in minutes! Discover how a few extra pieces of economic equipment can take your macro shots even further. * Capturing Action Its all about timing! If you are trying to freeze the action or add a sense of motion to your picture this fantastic chapter shows you how to use different lenses and shutter speeds for the best effect. Also learn the essential tips on focus and planning. * Nightscapes and Light Trails Expand your shooting skills beyond the magic hour by applying these simple rules to your night photography. * Flash in the Day When to use it and why! Discover how the ...

Keywords: landscape photography, photography lighting, photography tutorial, photography tips, photography lessons, photography techniques, photography tips and tricks, karl taylor, karl taylor photography, karl taylor dvds

Never leave a dog alone!!

Never leave a dog alone!! Video Clips. Duration : 3.40 Mins.

Poor Stewie. I set up a video camera and went to work. I had no idea..... Recorded with a Mino FlipHD from Cisco (Pure Digital)

Keywords: cute, dog, howling, flip, camera, jack, russell, terrier

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Canon WP-DC34 Underwater Housing for Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera

Canon WP-DC34 Underwater Housing for Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera Review

Compatible with the PowerShot G11%2E Take great underwater shots and be worry%2Dfree during inclement weather with the WP%2DDC34%2E Waterproof to 130ft%2E Neck strap and silicone grease included%2E %0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A WP-DC34

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Panasonic Cga-S007e Replacement Digital Camera Battery 850mAh (Replacement)

Check Out Panasonic Cga-S007e Replacement Digital Camera Battery 850mAh (Replacement)

Digital Camera Hack! Learn the secret the stores don't want you to know!

Digital Camera Hack! Learn the secret the stores don't want you to know! Tube. Duration : 1.68 Mins.

Hack a one-time use digital camera and use it over and over! First time on YouTube! More details at Check out my other vids:

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SH100 Samsung Digital Wi-Fi Camera Review

SH100 Samsung Digital Wi-Fi Camera Review Tube. Duration : 6.68 Mins.

This is the new SAMSUNG Digital Camera SH100, the latest Wi-Fi enabled compact camera. - Wi-Fi enabled Sharing over the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, Photobucket and Samsung Imaging - AllShare Using DLNA technology to allow you to connect to your HDTV and stream content wirelessly - Remote Viewfinder Using your smart phone as a remote controller and view finder for your camera - PC Auto Backup It will find your PC automatically and download the latest photos onto it - 3 colors (red, black, silver) - 14.2 Mega Pixels, 3-inch Touch Screen LCD, 5x Optical Zoom - Smart Touch Access User Interface 3.0 - HD Shooting with SoundAlive - Smart Filter 2.0 - Magic Frame Provided by Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Keywords: SH100, wi-fi, internet, social, network, allshare, DLNA, HD, PC, auto, Backup, remote, viewfinder, smart, phone, controller, photo, slim, design, digital, camera, optical, zoom, Movie, recording, picture, edit, Samsung, image, DIS, filter, technology, magic, frame, soundalive, touch, screen, wifi

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Panasonic CGA-S007A/1B Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery for Panasonic DMC-TZ1-Series Digital Cameras By TITAN

[img][/img] Price : [url=][b]Buy Now !!![/b][/url]

How IP-based Video Surveillance Works -- Way Beyond Analog

When you're shopping around for an IP-based video surveillance system, you will need to be particularly cautious about what exactly you're looking at and what the individual terms mean. How IP-based video surveillance works is open to interpretation as far as some video surveillance and security salespeople are concerned -- not because they are trying to confuse the issues, but because there is no genuine consensus on what the term "IP-based" or related ones such as "networked" or "web-based" means.

Originally video surveillance was done based on analog technology -- closed
circuit television (CCTV) and recording on video tapes. This was fine for
recording what was going on, but it didn't broadcast actual live information, so
it wasn't practical for monitoring stores, for instance, from a remote location.
It simply provided what happened after the fact. The picture quality wasn't
great and it relied on human reliability as well -- someone had to remember to
change the tapes regularly, etc.

Digital revolutionizes video surveillance

With the Internet revolution and the ever-increasing presence of Local Area
Networks, technology took great strides in video surveillance in the 1990's.
Analog camera tubes were replaced with CCD (Charged Coupled Devices) and digital
cameras became affordable for most people.

This combination meant that video surveillance could do two things: go live
over the Internet or a closed network for surveillance and provide clearer,
crisper images that could be tracked and manipulated easily. For law
enforcement, digital surveillance meant it was much easier to zoom in on images,
track particular scenes and enhance features.

The basics of IP-based surveillance

A digital camera "views" the scene in front of it, broadcasts the video
images as a digitized signal over a LAN line (Local Area Network) where it's
then transmitted to a computer or server. The server in turn manages all of this
information. Depending upon the software used to manage the digital images, it
can record, display or retransmit the images to anywhere in the world.

The software package can easily be upgraded to allow for analyzing data,
selecting specific "flagged" items to watch for and a host of other functions,
making it a truly customizable security tool.

True IP-based digital surveillance uses CCD cameras that use signal
processing that send packetized video streams over the LAN through a Cat 5 cable
rather than a coax cable network, utilizing greater bandwidth and standard
TCP/IP communication.

It also provides more intelligent data mining and information retrieval. If
security is an issue, full digital surveillance also offers the added advantage
of data encryption opportunities to protect against image tampering -- something
not possible with analog recording.

Recently, a few companies such as D-Link and Linksys have also developed fully
digital cameras that actually have completely integrated, built-in web servers
so that no external computers are needed for operating them. The signal is
transmitted directly to the terminal location for storage or play-back.

Halfway there...

The "middle of the road" of video surveillance is upgrading video
surveillance by utilizing a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). A DVR system is not
really fully IP-based, but is step toward the more advanced IP technology. In
actuality, a DVR system uses the same camera and structures for cabling as the
older CCTV analog systems, but the old VCRs have been replaced with DVR for
storage of the data. The data is converted to digital so that it can be stored
on hard disks, but the quality of the images captured remains analog since this
is how it originated.

When shopping for a system, be sure to ask if the system is digital based on
the recording (DVR) or on the camera, since many manufacturers consider a system
digital by virtue of the DVR storage system even if the camera recording the
images is still analog.

Going all the way

Some people will move to the hybrid models of a CCTV/DVR system when they
first move beyond an analog system because it seems like the next practical
evolutionary step in video surveillance. However, shifting to this method
largely ignores how IP-based video surveillance works.

With CCTV/DVR surveillance you have actually simply delayed the inevitable by
adding on a relatively new technology (hard disk, digital storage) to an old
technology (analog video over coaxial transmission lines). Rather than moving
forward into something new, you have prolonged the demise of the old.

Advantages of IP-based video surveillance

The leap into completely IP-based technology is the best bang for your buck
both monetarily and in terms of security by far. Digital surveillance can be
done over a LAN network, of course, but TCP/IP transmittal of surveillance makes
sense for remote monitoring of multiple locations and for remote recording of
data onto back-up servers and hard disks for long-term storage.

With IP-based video surveillance, you can connect your surveillance camera or
cameras to any network or wireless adapter, and you are extremely flexible in
your placement of the camera itself. A typical PC-attached video camera, while
providing digital picture image quality, still has to be within approximately
ten feet of the computer itself.

Set-up of an IP-based video system is easy -- once you've set up an IP
address, you're up and running and it's extremely stable and reliable. Because
this is the technology of the future, it is also upgradeable. You won't be
outgrowing an IP-based video surveillance system any time soon because new
developments are based on improving this market. Therefore, you will be able to
add on and improve this system for years to come while older, CCTV+DVR hybrids
will dead-end and become obsolete.

Comparing analog and IP-based video surveillance

A better way to understand the differences between analog and IP-based video
surveillance may be to compare the two and how they work:

Analog or CCTV+DVR video surveillance

o Easy to use -- operates like a VCR

o Changing cassettes and rewinding regularly means human error frequently interferes with effectiveness

o Image quality is poor

o Storage tapes wear out over time

o Broadcasting images live isn't practical

o Storage is bulky

o Uses analog recording, recording in low-grade picture quality and inability to search and track easily

o Adding DVR systems must be done in 'blocks' of 16 channels

IP-based video surveillance

o IP-based recording means instant transmittal of images anywhere in the world

o Can monitor multiple cameras from one remote location

o No decrease in recording quality over time or with repeated replays

o Digital picture quality far superior to analog

o IP-base recording is highly compressed for easier storage and can be transported over a variety of media

o Digital images can be encrypted for security purposes

o Updates and add-ons are relatively inexpensive through software packages and Internet computer networking

o Adjustable frame rates

o Remote or shared viewing may be done over the Internet or a wireless connection

o Standard IP video compression techniques are used

o IP surveillance cameras may be added individually or in groups according to your needs

If you are contemplating increased or upgrading video surveillance for your
company or home, understanding how IP-based video surveillance works will make
your decision easier. It is the future of video surveillance and, although in
the short term may be a bit more expensive, is obviously an investment in
superior quality and flexibility.

This article on "How IP-based Video Surveillance Works" reprinted with

Copyright © 2004-2005 Evaluseek Publishing.

DSLR Basics: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

DSLR Basics: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Tube. Duration : 9.97 Mins. This photography tutorial shows you how to use a DSLR camera by showing the fundamentals (Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO) and also describes how to use them using different camera modes.

Tags: shutter speed, aperture, iso, camera, dslr, tutorial, how to use a dslr, controls, basic, beginner, fundamental, how to, nikon

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How To Photograph Space Yourself - Stargazing Live, Preview - BBC Two

How To Photograph Space Yourself - Stargazing Live, Preview - BBC Two Video Clips. Duration : 4.85 Mins.

More about this programme: Expert astronomer Mark Thompson shows you how to get started in photographing the night sky. Learn how easy it is to capture images of space in your own back garden without using expensive kit. Mark explains techniques for SLR and compact cameras.

Tags: How, To, Photograph, Space, Yourself, Mark, Thompson, astronomer, Prof., Brian, Cox, SLR, Camera, Telescope, Stargazing, Live, Science, Astronomy, BBC, Two, bbctwo

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Digital Camera Accessory Kit includes: SDCGAS007 Battery, SDM-177 Charger, SDC-22 Case

On Sale! on Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 Digital Camera Accessory Kit includes: SDCGAS007 Battery, SDM-177 Charger, SDC-22 Case

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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 22: Shooting Video on a DSLR

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 22: Shooting Video on a DSLR Tube. Duration : 13.28 Mins.

To see how the set was built click here: Follow Mark on Twitter: @jmarkwallace In this episode Mark talks about shooting video with a DSLR. This is the first of several episodes on this topic. This episode's topics include stability, focus, camera movement, and controlling light entering the lens.

Keywords: video, dslr, digital photography, camera, Nikon D90, Nikon D3s, Canon 1dsm4, Canon 5D Mark II, Mark Wallace, snapfactory, dolly, matte box, tripod, fluid head, zacuto

Photography - Tips For Photographing Red Deer Stags Using a Digital Camera

Photographing red deer stags is one of those magical events in life. My good friend and I took up an opportunity recently to go and spend some time taking pictures of red deer in the wild. These deer make great subject matter for photography, but when rutting season is upon them the stags tend to take on a totally different personality.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

Photography Tip - How to Photograph Large Wildlife and How Not To

With any photography mission the challenge is always going to be to get as close to the subject matter as is (A) safe and (B) possible, (obviously without allowing yourself to get into any immediate danger) in some cases this is often achieved by using a telephoto zoom lens, but as is more often the case getting closer means clearer and more detailed pictures.

Always have your camera strap round your neck, this way if you have to suddenly take flight you will stand less chance of dropping it, but be sure if you do have to run that you place one hand on the camera otherwise you stand a good chance of it bashing you in the chin or worse.

The photo opportunity was a good one for us as we had bright sunshine and a warm day so we could use an 18 to 70mm wide angle lens with the camera settings left on automatic, though on reflection I wish I had been using my 28 to 200mm lens.

If you are photographing animals, great care should be taken to know the safety levels and whether they have times of the year that they are not approachable at all.

Red Deer Stags are majestic animals and clearly have enough power and energy to take on and defeat several humans at once if they so desired. Most of the year they would be happy for you to get up real close to take some great pictures, but when rutting season arrives you should certainly keep a safe distance between you and them.

Getting as close as we did to the Stags certainly set our heart racing as they fixed their glance at us and started scuffing the ground as if to charge, then swaying their antlers side to side while stabbing the ground with them. This was slightly unnerving, but a great opportunity to capture some great red deer pictures.

On more than one occasion we found ourselves a little more than uncomfortably close and ended up walking away exceptionally fast while trying not to run until at a safe enough distance to do so.

My biggest tip for photographing these great creatures is make sure it is not the rutting season or you could certainly end up with a lot more than a few good pictures as they do not tolerate any kind of friendly attention at this time.

Try to approach from downwind where possible this often gives a little edge and could secure some red deer pictures that you might not have managed had you not have done so. Wear camouflage clothing and carry as little as is possible. Try to have a little base set-up where you can leave the bulk of your equipment and possessions.

Photography - Tips For Photographing Red Deer Stags Using a Digital Camera

Digital Photography 101 with TigerTV Host Logan!

Digital Photography 101 with TigerTV Host Logan! Video Clips. Duration : 7.45 Mins.

Visit for Digital Camera products offered by TigerDirect. There's hope out there for all of you that can't tell your aperture from your arm hair. TigerTV Host Logan loves digital photography, and he's been good enough to sit down with our camera crew and go over what you need to know to get started. Whether you already own a digital camera or if you're just a beginner, this video has something for everyone. So Watch, Enjoy, and Rejoice!

Tags: Digital, Photography, tigertv, Tutorial, Camera, Logan, tigerdirect, computertv

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Using Symbols to Show Emotion in Text

In written forms of communication, smileys or emoticons are used to portray the mood of the message. To make the smiley faces, colons or semicolons are used for the eyes and various letters are used for the mouth to display the emotion. For instance a smiley face with a wink and a smile is a semicolon with a closing parenthesis. Example; ) For a frown a colon with a left hand parentheses. Example: (. A big smile is a colon with a capital D. Example: D

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

While smileys are made purely of text characters, emoticons are little yellow faces that can be loaded from smileyCentral. Both display emotions to enhance the message of the text.

The acceptance of the smileys for informal and written messages are largely due to the abundance of communications by text messages, message boards and instant messaging (IM).

With the increasing use of the internet and wireless digital telecommunications, the adoption of the smileys has taken prominence. This movement was initiated by the youth and there is probably not a young person out there who does not know the meaning or usage of smileys.

The emotions displayed have evolved from just happiness and sadness to disbelief, anger, playfulness and surprise.

Females use the emoticons much more often than males. This may be due to feeling more comfortable in expressing emotions or they may be more versed in using telecommunication nuance techniques.

Those who criticize the use of emoticons as being detrimental to the depth of human communication do not address the benefits of using them for quicker messages with more intimate text messages.

Smileys have all been figured out and do not have the range of emotions that emoticons can express. The future of these symbols seem to have hit a plateau and the future or more nuanced symbols would require a wider range of symbols for longer text messages.

Using Symbols to Show Emotion in Text

Photography Tips and Techniques, Learn Photography Camera Course

Photography Tips and Techniques, Learn Photography Camera Course Tube. Duration : 4.50 Mins. The Complete SLR Digital Photography Course - Why buy our Photography Courses Well first of all if you are reading this then you have an SLR you have probably paid in excess of 00 dollars once you have all the lenses and accessories, unfortunately most people do not ever take their camera off the auto settings which is a complete waste, our course is .99 and will be the best photography equipment purchase you will make and also the cheapest Do you offer Support with the Photography Courses We offer full email support for free.. Is there any Guarentee with the Photography Courses? We offer full money back if you do not improve 100% at least... Where can i find reviews of your Photography Courses We are the number one selling course on Ebay, take a look at our feedback, we have helped 10 year olds to 80 year olds, across all makes of cameras, SLR's Compact and point and shoots. We have literally sold thousands of courses and have not received one return, we have 100% Feedback Live Ebay Reviews please click here We are the only course to have a 5 star rating on both Amazon in America and Amazon in the Uk 5 star rating on click to see reviews 5 Star rating on click to see reviews So What will I learn in your Photography Courses? The complete SLR Digital Photography course has everything you need to start shooting quality professional photos in a little under 2 hours. It's complete with professional settings; find out ...

Keywords: tips, camera, tutorial, tricks, digital, canon, educational

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Look Inside the Sony Alpha A55!

Look Inside the Sony Alpha A55! Video Clips. Duration : 9.20 Mins.

For more Alpha A55 specs or to purchase: Sony's Digital Imaging Team joins Anthony in the workshop to show us what goes on inside the camera that "Time Magazine" called "One of the Best Inventions of 2010"- the Sony Alpha A55. Anthony and El-Deane break apart the camera and figure out what makes it so exciting. Subscribe for free Sony gadget videos! More SGNL SGNL Homepage Tweet us your thoughts! ABOUT SGNL A close-up look at Sony's gadgets, games, movies and music. (less info)

Tags: translucent, a55, alpha a55, sony, dslr, slr, camera of the year, digital imaging, deconstruct, take apart, took apart, deconstructing, smash, break, translucent mirror, lens, lenses, inside, light, sensor, digital, mirror box, inventing, research, angle, focus, auto focus, view finder, electronic, optical, lcd, shooting, photos, photo, pictures, image, speed, interview, demonstration

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SONY NEX-7 Digital Camera 話題のミラーレス一眼を銀座のソニービルで体験

SONY NEX-7 Digital Camera 話題のミラーレス一眼を銀座のソニービルで体験 Tube. Duration : 2.57 Mins.

ソニービル内のショールームにてこの10月よりミラーレス一眼の最新フラッグシップモデル「NEX-7」が展示されております。前回のソニービル訪問につづき、クマさんに登場していただき、NEX-7を発売前にいちはやく(ちょっとだけ)体験してまいりました。 詳細ブログ記事:SONY NEX-7を一足お先に体験してきたよ

Keywords: SONY, NEX-7, NEX, DSLR, mirrorless camera, EVF, ソニー, デジカメ, ファインダー, ミラーレス, ソニービル, 銀座, ショールーム, XGA, OLED, 有機EL, AVCHD Ver.2.0, エヌイーエックス, ネックス

How to Re-Calibrate Your Laptop Battery?

It is difficult to predict how long a laptop battery charge will last because each computer user has different habits and needs. The rate at which you use laptop battery power will determine how long you can use the battery of your laptop. You can re-calibrate your laptop battery if the battery's life has gotten shorter over time. Your laptop battery might need a good calibration if it doesn't seem to be getting the mileage that it should. How to re-calibrate laptop battery? The following paragraphs will give you the answer.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

First put the laptop computer to sleep by turning off the screensaver and other power management settings of the computer. Then fully charge the computer and allow it to run all the way down until the computer shuts off automatically. Once the laptop battery has fully drained, charge it back up again and restore the screensaver and power management settings.
Re-calibrate your battery every month or so by fully charging, fully discharging, and then fully charging again. Basically to have a chance to re-calibrate your laptop battery is to turn off all power-saving features completely and then fully recharge them. If it doesn't work for the first time then try two more full discharges and recharges.

The above way of re-calibrating the laptop batteries works well with laptops using Ni-MH cells. But not with laptops using Li-Ion batteries because deep discharges will actually decrease the charge capacity and lifespan of Li-Ion cells. Moreover Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 20% capacity per year from the time of manufacture at a typical 100% charge level at 25deg.C, even when unused. Li-ion batteries irreversibly lose approximately 2%, 4%, 15% at 0deg.C, 25deg.C and 40deg.C respectively, when stored at 40% charge level. That is every deep discharge cycle decreases the capacity of the Li-ion batteries. As the Li-Ion batteries are chemical in nature, charging and recharging is not going to fix the problem once the chemical reactions stop happening. Therefore the best advice for re-calibrating the Li-Ion batteries is to store the battery at 40% charge if it kept unused for any unlimited period of time. Also don't leave the battery in the laptop if you don't use the battery or if you plug the laptop into outlet power.

You can also re-calibrate your laptop battery using IBM Thinkpad Battery Maximizer in order to maximize your laptop battery's life. If your laptop has IBM ThinkPad Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management features installed, you can verify the condition of the laptop battery. You can check the status of your battery using the Battery MaxiMiser Gauge in the taskbar tray. The ThinkPad's Lithium Ion battery pack that seems to be an intelligent battery uses a microprocessor to monitor its capacity. Then the microprocessor of the battery pack passes the information about the remaining battery capacity to the laptop. The laptop indicates the capacity with high accuracy.

Using the HP Laptop Battery Learning Utility, a modified version of a Win98 boot floppy, can also help you. Just place it in the floppy drive, and then turn on the computer. The re-calibration process is automated and takes about six hours to finish. This utility is available in different versions for different models. You can run the utility every two months.

If the laptop battery is still bad then it must have developed a memory that cannot be erased easily. If calibration doesn't help, then it is the right time to purchase another battery.

How to Re-Calibrate Your Laptop Battery?

DSLR Tips: How to get lots in focus

DSLR Tips: How to get lots in focus Tube. Duration : 7.32 Mins.

Full guide at: / DSLR Tips: How to get lots in focus

Keywords: DSLR, Tips, photography, depth, of, field, landscape, focus

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fuji Guys- FinePix S3400 Part 3 -Top Features

Fuji Guys- FinePix S3400 Part 3 -Top Features Tube. Duration : 18.37 Mins.

(3 of 3) Billy and Greg (the Fuji Guys) take a look at the new Fujifilm FinePix S3400 digital camera and go over the top features of this camera. For more information visit Follow the Fuji Guys on Twitter:

Keywords: S3400 Top Features, fuji, fujifilm, fujiguys, fuji guys, fuji canada, canada, digital cameras, digital camera, finepix, S3400, finepix S3400, fuji S3400, fujifilm S3400, features, top features, fuji finepix S3400, Fujifilm finepix S3400

Top 10 Digital Camera Buying Tips

Top 10 Digital Camera Buying Tips Video Clips. Duration : 9.23 Mins.

10 tips to help people with buying a new digital camera.

Tags: digital, camera, buy, lens, megapixels, zoom, slr

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sony Vs Samsung - The 40-inch LCD TV Battle

The two brands are believed to be electronic giants of the world. Both have created and manufactured quality appliances and devices that they now earned top spots in Home Entertainment Industry. Continuing to give high-class electronics, Sony and Samsung leads the 40-inch LCD TV world. Here is a good analysis of how Sony Bravia KDL-40W4000 competes with Samsung LE40A656 LCD TV.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

Both appear to provide quality entertainment thus both competing for the top spot. These 40-inch LCD flat screens are Full High Definition televisions with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. They are also equipped with 16:9 aspect ratio since they are both widescreen TVs. Both offer 500 cd/ms screen brightness as well. Analogue and digital tuners are integrated in the system too making the competition even hotter.

The Sony Bravia comes with a bezel in midnight black tone while the Samsung LE40A656 flaunts a crystal design in a rose-black color. The Bravia is slightly heavier with its 18.5 kg weight than Samsung's 17kg weight. Both can be placed in a stand or mounted on the wall.

When it comes to performance specifications, both offer a rich set of first-rate features. Samsung has a sleep timer, auto channel search, auto volume and auto power off, Teletext at 2.5 level, gamma controls, noise reduction, and color and tone adjustment. The Sony Bravia is also equipped with the features mentioned but includes a menu of languages, and Picture Frame mode where users can display a digital photo.

However, it should be noted that Sony earns a point for power consumption. The Sony Bravia KDL-40W4000 has a run time that consumes only 176W compared to 240W of Samsung. In standby mode, the Sony LCD TV model consumes 0.19W while the Samsung LCD TV consumes less than 1W.

For image and picture quality, Samsung and Sony present to us a very tight battle. Samsung is equipped with 100Hz processing technology which offers smooth motions and no degradation on picture quality. The Bravia technology has a Live Color processing giving vivid images with true colors. Quality images that are crisp, clear, and in true colors are promised by both Samsung and Sony LCD TVs.

These two brands are indeed distinguished fighters. The Sony Bravia KDL-40W4000 and the Samsung LE40A656 LCD TV have just proven that they look stunning and classy, perform remarkably well, and deliver superior images and interesting features.

Sony Vs Samsung - The 40-inch LCD TV Battle

POTTY MOUTH!! (10.27.10 - Day 545)

POTTY MOUTH!! (10.27.10 - Day 545) Tube. Duration : 15.32 Mins.

Real Vampires Don't Sparkle: Click to see how to win the free subscribe pillows: To win you must do both of the follow: 1) go to and click subscribe 2) go to and click the "like" button After you do both of these, your username/name is put into the "friends list" and I can randomly select 9 winners next Wednesday (11/3). Good luck!! :) HUGE THANKS TO for letting us give away some pillows! Check them out, they got even more!! **OTHER AWESOME STUFF*** We're on twitter (duhhhh) hehe Go here and "like" our facebook group. We can be friends, ohhh yaaa! Our Personal channels: Our website: ***************************

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Joe McNally - Da Grip

Joe McNally - Da Grip Tube. Duration : 7.58 Mins.

World-famous photographer Joe McNally demonstrates his camera holding technique which helps capture sharper images at slower shutter speeds.

Keywords: camera, grip, hand, holding, strobist, photo, photography, sharp, human, tripod

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chilla Frilla - Sony a330 DSLR Camera Unboxing and Review (HD) 720p

Chilla Frilla - Sony a330 DSLR Camera Unboxing and Review (HD) 720p Tube. Duration : 13.18 Mins.

My Complete HD 720p Unboxing and Review of Sony's Latest DSLR Camera, the Alpha a330! Priced at 9, will its 10.2 Mega Pixels, built in Steady Shot, 9 Point Auto Focus and Live View, can this Digital SLR keep up with the rest? Watch to find out, and be sure to Subscribe! Follow me on Twitter for live updates and news at: Link to all of the Test Content!:

Keywords: Sony, a330, Unboxing, and, Review, Alpha, DSLR, Camera, Digital, SLR, a230, a380, 10.2, MP, Mega, Pixel, Auto, Focus, AF, Live, View, Lens, chillafrilla, Chilla, Frilla

Hot Deals Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 Digital Camera Battery - Premium TechFuel® CGA-S007 Battery

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 Digital Camera Battery - Premium TechFuel® CGA-S007 Battery

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Photography Tutorial 12 ( Bounce and Fill Flash )

Photography Tutorial 12 ( Bounce and Fill Flash ) Tube. Duration : 8.08 Mins.

A more in depth look at bouncing flash and using fill flash to get more appealing images. This is an abridged version of the Flash chapter from my Mastery of Photography Essentials DVD. Hello all who chose to read this far, can you believe this is the 12th installment already. Thanks for watching all these tips and tricks so far, there is so much more to come. =o) You guys Rule!!! If you wish to buy this series on DVD and help me live happily ever after follow this link To where I sell my DVDs. Thanks to all who have purchased and all who are about to. Peace

Keywords: photography, tips, and, tricks, tutorial, class, picture, images, Digital, SLR, Technique, lighting

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheap iPhone - How to Get an Apple iPhone at Below Market Price!

So you want to buy a cheap Apple iPhone?

The huge price tag of above 0 dollars is very prohibitive to most people who are interested in obtaining a Cheap iphone. The good news is these same persons are not aware that there are different places from which they can buy cheap iPhones, and most likely at considerably less than half the retail price.

So what are your options for a cheapest Apple iPhone?

One place where you can get these phones is by shopping internet retail stores. Internet retailers are competing for your click business and they will more likely than not, sell their products at much cheaper prices. Do not be fooled by the cheap price of these phones, they are the real thing. These online stores can afford to keep their cheap prices much lower than regular offline retail stores because they do not have the over head cost, which your regular offline retail store would have, so that cost is not included in the price of the phone.

Some of these vendors have been doing business for many years, and this is sure sign that the Mobile products they offer are the real deal and not some knock off product. Some of these vendors carry some very high end, high priced products in their inventory and they have been doing so for many years.

Online companies who sell cheap iPhones and other mobile products, tend to promote a social community like setting. They want to build a rapport with you the buyer, they want to keep you on their mailing list in order to provide you with latest news, or offer you other accessories for your phone. They also serve as a place to meet other phone users and share your experiences. This is why have slashed their prices so low, they will have you as a customer for life in the digital world.

It does not matter where you actually go to buy your phone, if you are getting it for less than the suggested retail price, it is advisable to spend more time ensuring that it is brand new and make sure that you get a warranty in order to protect your purchase in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Just remember the cheapest iPhones are not the 3G Models

Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 Lumix G Vario MEGA OIS Zoom Micro Four Thirds Lens for Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds Cameras

[img][/img] Price : $349.95 [url=][b]Buy Now !!![/b][/url]

Friday, February 10, 2012

Panasonic CGA-S005A/1B Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Panasonic FX8, FX9, FX01, FX07, FX3, LX1, LX2 and FX50 Digital Cameras

[img][/img] Price : $51.95 [url=][b]Buy Now !!![/b][/url]

Danny Boy - Eric Clapton Cover, Acoustic Guitar

Danny Boy - Eric Clapton Cover, Acoustic Guitar Tube. Duration : 4.30 Mins.

I'm in excercise of this music now and I recorded it with a compact digital camera. I hope not spoil the Clapton's performance and arrangement.

Tags: Danny, Boy, Eric, Clapton, Acoustic, guitar, no, vocal, Calvin, Hoon, Chang

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Review

Canon PowerShot SX210 IS Review Tube. Duration : 3.72 Mins.

infoSync World reviews the Canon PowerShot SX210 IS. 14 megapixels, 14x optical zoom, 720p HD video, and more goodies inside Canon's new top point-and-shoot model. For the full review, including image and video samples, go to

Tags: Canon powershot SX210 IS, digital camera, point and shoot, 14x optical zoom, 14 megapixels, infosync World, infosyncworld

2.4 Fixing an Underexposed Image: Adobe Photoshop CS4 video

2.4 Fixing an Underexposed Image: Adobe Photoshop CS4 video Video Clips. Duration : 1.72 Mins.

Even with a digital camera, users will often times experience underexposed (ie, too dark) and overexposed (ie, too bright) images. The following steps resolve these issues by utilizing respective blend modes in the Layers panel.

Tags: fix, exposure, underexposed, bright, dark, image, tips, tricks, how, to, tutorial, walkthrough, step, by, adobe, photoshop, cs4, lighten, up, brighten, photo, picture, blending, blend

Thursday, February 9, 2012

PEN Giant

PEN Giant Video Clips. Duration : 1.80 Mins.

One year after The PEN Story we present our second stop motion project: 355 pictures have been taken, printed in billboard size and shot again. The video was produced with the Olympus PEN itself. No tricks or computer animation at all. Special thanks to Takeuchi Taijin for his support and direction. We hope you enjoy it! Free song download and making-of story available at

Tags: Olympus, PEN, giant, billboards, story, microfourthirds, digital, camera, penstory, E-PL1, stopmotion

Rick Sammon's Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

Rick Sammon's Top Ten Digital Photography Tips Video Clips. Duration : 4.98 Mins.

Shot on location in the Desert of Fire, NV.

Keywords: digital, photography, rick, sammon, wiley, canon, rebel, xti

Fun Christmas Gifts to Make a 12-Year-Old Boy and Girl Happy

When you are 12, almost anything makes you happy. So it is easy to find fun Christmas gifts to make a 12-year-old boy and girl happy.

A great gift might be a colorful kite ... a ring, necklace, or bracelet that light up ... a trampoline that lets you jump higher than ever ... a set of drums ... or a digital camera.

Most 12-year-olds like to learn new skills so a few months of lessons on the electric guitar or the piano might be a thrill.

In the meantime, though, let us look more closely at a few fun Christmas gifts to make your job of shopping easier.

Heelys - Heelys are athletic shoes with a wheel in the heel. Zip down the sidewalk along with your friends. You can run errands in half the time. And, if you have a paper route, your job becomes a cinch. To use Heelys, you need to wear a padded helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Power Zoom Binoculars - Your favorite 12-year-old will be able to go bird watching, see the baseball game up close, and check out the sights on a car trip or on vacation. Some excellent binoculars are 10X30X60 power zoom with a ruby lens.

Inline Skates - To help that 12-year-old become a skating ace, get him or her inline trainer skates that convert to regular inline skates. Other equipment needed for inline skating include a padded helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

Pinball War Games - This standing game table rocks and rolls with flashing lights and dinging sounds. It has dual LCD scoring and drop pockets. This game switches from a game for two players to a game for one. Every member of the family will enjoy taking turns at this pinball game.

Name Scroll on a Painting - This unique gift will bring shouts of joy from your favorite 12-year-olds. The scroll features his or her first name and its meaning inscribed on a painting. Included is a history of the name and famous persons with that name. The painting is of flowers, a lion, a kitten, a dog, and a knight in armor. This treausred gift is ready for framing.

There we have it. These fun Christmas gifts to make a 12-year-old boy and girl happy may inspire you to think of yet more gifts. Not included here are hi-tech gadgets, a computer, software, an MP3 player, or games. We will cover those in a following article. Meanwhile - have a merry old Christmas.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leica V-Lux 30 Digital Camera Intro

Leica V-Lux 30 Digital Camera Intro Video Clips. Duration : 7.52 Mins. A hands-on introduction to the new Leica V-Lux 30 pocket superzoom camera. Find what makes it different from the Panasonic Lumix ZS10! Quick review and sample photos:

Tags: leica, v-lux 30, camera, panasonic, intro, introduction, box opening, digital camera, gadget, point-and-shoot, superzoom

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loading film into a Hasselblad back

Loading film into a Hasselblad back Video Clips. Duration : 6.58 Mins.

This is a how-to video featuring the A12 film back for a Hasselblad 500 series camera. I walk through the process painfully slow in order to try an leave no stone unturned to help all of you Hassy noobs how to get your film situated correctly so it will be an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Keywords: Hasselblad, 500, A12, Film, Back, Load, Loading

Canon DSLR Video Monitor for FREE Using your Laptop

Canon DSLR Video Monitor for FREE Using your Laptop Tube. Duration : 4.65 Mins.

Download our complete HDSLR Training Series with over 2 1/2 hours of training here: In this episode, I show you how to use a laptop with Canon's EOS Utility software that comes free with any Canon DSLR to remote view and control your camera. Hosted by Tony Reale Check out our website at: Visit our Facebook page Produced by Creative Edge Productions http Watch my how-to video, How to use your laptop as a monitor with the Canon 5D or 7D on WonderHowTo.

Tags: DSLR, HD-DSLR, Canon, 5D, 7D, video, shoot, production, diy, training, netbook, laptop

Monday, February 6, 2012

DSLR Tips: How to blur water for a dreamy effect

DSLR Tips: How to blur water for a dreamy effect Tube. Duration : 6.55 Mins.

Full guide at: / DSLR Tips: How to blur water for a dreamy effect

Keywords: DSLR, Tips, water, photography, long, exposure

Nikon COOLPIX S60 Digital Camera

Nikon COOLPIX S60 Digital Camera Tube. Duration : 7.17 Mins.

The Nikon COOLPIX S60 Digital Camera 10.0 Megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches. Sharp resolution captures the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements. New EXPEED Image Processing ensures high-quality pictures with stunning color and sharpness. Nikons comprehensive digital imaging processing concept incorporates the know-how and technologies accumulated throughout our long history of photographic and digital imaging development. EXPEED is custom-tuned for COOLPIX. Applied optimized technologies render natural-looking pictures of incredible quality and quick response so you wont miss that special moment. Optical VR Image Stabilization compensates for camera shake to prevent blur producing clearer, sharper results in lower light or unsteady conditions. The Nikon COOLPIX S60 Digital Camera in addition, has Nikons VR system that extend to faster framing on the monitor and smoother action when using the movie mode.

Keywords: Nikon, COOLPIX, S60, Digital, Camera, bauer, computertv, compusa, tigertv

DigitalRev TV - Camera Focus Test

DigitalRev TV - Camera Focus Test Tube. Duration : 6.75 Mins.

In this video we conduct a slightly unscientific test comparing 3 of the focusing systems used in cameras today: Phase detection; Contrast detection and manual focus with a rangefinder. We use the Canon 5D Mark II, Olympus E-P1 and the Leica M9 to see which one offers up the best method for focusing.

Keywords: digitalrev, digitalrevtv, digital-rev, kai, canon, 5d, olympus, e-p1, leica, m9, focus speed, DSLR, rangefinder, autofocus, manual

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Common Problems When Online Shopping

Although online shopping as many advantages, there are also problems which may occur from time to time. Ordering the wrong product, receiving the wrong item and the need to return a purchase can often be significant enough to make a potential online shopper reconsider the decision to purchase again.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

Although these problems are some of the most common online shopping glitches, they do not happen frequently. However, when these problems do occur they can cause a great deal of stress and frustration for the online shopper. Will discuss some of these common problems in an attempt to help the reader make a clear decision about whether or not to purchase an item on the Internet.

Ordering the Wrong Item

When shopping in traditional brick and mortar stores, it is quite difficult to accidentally purchase the wrong item (although it as been seen) because the sales process typically involves you physically carrying the item up to the sales counter and paying for it. In online shopping, where the consumer never physically handles the item before the process is complete and the item delivered, it is certainly possible to purchase the wrong product.

Most often this occurs when the customer uses the website to make the purchase and clicks on the wrong item or when the consumer contacts customer service to make the buy and provides a different product number or code than the one for the product they really want. Other times, the consumer clicks on the correct product and provides an accurate product number but he may still make a mistake if there are size options or different colors to choose from. This problem can be rather troubling because the consumer will be disappointed when the wrong product shows up.

The Wrong Product Was Delivered.

Even when online shoppers do not make mistakes during the ordering process, it is still possible for the consumer to receive the wrong product. This often occurs when the orders are filled by hand and a mistake is made in the online retailer's warehouse. A warehouse worker may ship the wrong item completely or may ship the correct item in the wrong size or color.

Again the consumer will likely not know a mistake was made until the product arrives. Usually, the online retailer will likely take responsibility for returning the incorrect item and will ship the correct item as soon as possible. However, in some cases, this may not completely correct the problem. For example, a consumer who purchased an item for a specific event or as a gift, may not receive the replacement item in time.

Returning An Incorrect Item

In situations where the online shopper orders the wrong item as well as situations where the online retailer mistakenly ships the wrong item, there may still be a need to return something. Although this may not seem to be a big problem, it can be particularly irritating for some consumers. Online shoppers who choose to do their shopping online specifically because they work odd hours may have a great deal of difficulty returning products.

The usual process of shipping the item back to the online retailer will generally involve taking the item to a post office. Depending on the hours you work, it may be difficult to get to a post office during regular business hours and may require taking time off from work to return the product to the retailer.

Online shopping, just like anything else in life, as times where not everything goes to plan. Make sure to shop at reputable merchants who have proven customer service and your chances of being a satisfied Online customer are very good.

Let's Go Shopping !

Common Problems When Online Shopping

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hobbies for Teen Girls

Adolescence is an age when all teenagers are looking for creating an individual identity. The little girl has grown up into an awkward teenager. She no longer needs her mother to feed and dress her. Nor does she require her dad to tell her bedtime stories and help her with shoe laces. She is busy creating, writing and telling stories on her own! She wants her privacy and also wants recognition in whatever her new hobby is. Influenced by peers, best friends, video games, modelling and television, she is ready to develop a mind of her own. Most teenage girls are mature enough to know what will hold their interests.

There are a wide variety of hobbies-indoor and outdoors that can keep young girls occupied. Internet, social dating and helping mom are just a few ways of keeping her occupied. Keeping her mental and physical balance is essential as she is still growing and needs help to mould her personality. Some young girls are already keeping secret diaries, learning the art of make-up, taking up Tennis, Badminton or Hockey to keep fit. Today's generation of teenagers are computer-savvy and also aware of keeping fit with balanced diet and exercises.

The girls are more mature and keen to prove their mental wellness. Parents could encourage girls to simultaneously keep even inexpensive hobbies like stamp collection (yes, they are still a hot favourite, so what if snail mail has been replaced by email). Young girls love to cook; they can learn some simple dishes at home or join some classes.

During summer vacations there is a long list of hobbies that sprout up to choose from. Dancing, yoga, art classes, crafts, gymnastics are quite popular, as fees are also reasonable for parents to pay. Teen girls get an opportunity to make new friends and also hone their talents that could be of use in adult life. It's a fallacy that teen girls are only thinking of hooking boys all the time. Few are reading romantic novels but most of them are reading fiction and poetry and keeping scrap books as well. Photography is a proving to be a good hobby for young girls. Well, some girls like to be in front of the camera and some behind them! Rock climbing, cycling with friends, swimming are equally satisfying hobbies.

Most girls choose hobbies that will help to keep long hours with friends. And this does not mean an investment in mobile phones (a headache for parents) only. Join a drama club or create one for a friend is an ideal way to spend summer holidays. If not an actress then getting into creative production and styling is a good option for teenage girls. Learning nail art designs has also become the most popular hobby these days. As girls learn and have fun at the same time, they develop better personalities. When they volunteer for shelter homes, baby sit and walk dogs they become more responsible. Parents can guide the girls in becoming better adults by helping them to choose hobbies that will help them in later life.

Rylynn - Sungha Jung

Rylynn - Sungha Jung Video Clips. Duration : 4.57 Mins.

Sungha Jung 2nd Album 'Irony' now availble at Sungha http plays 'Rylynn' by Andy Mckee. (My digital camera battery ran out prematurely.)

Tags: andy, mckee, rylynn, sungha, fingerstyle

January 2012

January 2012 Tube. Duration : 4.53 Mins.

Keywords: January, Digital, Photography, Canon, T2i, Winter, Sunset, Water, Ice, Camera, Sky, Snow, Cold

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nikon D4 - Which? first look review

Nikon D4 - Which? first look review Video Clips. Duration : 5.23 Mins. We get our hands on the Nikon D4 a high end DSLR aimed at professionals. This camera has an impressive array of features but it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

Keywords: Nikon D4, Nikon, D4, DSLR, Nikon D4 video, Nikon D4 first look, Nikon D4 review, Nikon D4 hands on, digital slr, digital camera

Check Out Olympus Stylus 300, 400, 410, 810 (Digital) - Replacement Battery (Premium Japanese Cells, 1400 mAh, 5-YR Warranty)

Olympus Stylus 300, 400, 410, 810 (Digital) - Replacement Battery (Premium Japanese Cells, 1400 mAh, 5-YR Warranty) Review

Olympus Stylus 300, 400, 410, 810 (Digital) - Replacement Battery (Premium Japanese Cells, 1400 mAh, 5-YR Warranty) Feature

  • Brand Name: Olympus
  • Model: LI-11B

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pro Camera, Noob Photographer (Model shoots a Nikon D3S)

Pro Camera, Noob Photographer (Model shoots a Nikon D3S) Tube. Duration : 10.37 Mins.

We've challenged pro photographers to doing a photo shoot with a cheap camera before, and they've done pretty here you have Pro Camera, Noob Photographer, featuring a lovely model who doesn't know anything about photography but like cute little puppies. See how our model, Garcia, copes in this video. Pricing Reference Nikon D3S Body:

Tags: Pro Camera, digitalrev TV, DRTV, Kai, Canon strap, street photography, nikkor 50mm f/1.4G, nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II, Garcia

Sony Cybershot Digital Camera Review

Sony Cybershot Digital Camera Review Video Clips. Duration : 3.52 Mins.

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Keywords: Sony, Cyber, Cybershot, Digital, Camera, cergnbergreviews, Review

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 15: Panning

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 15: Panning Tube. Duration : 6.60 Mins.

In this episode Mark talks about panning. Panning is an easy way to create motion in your images. Use it for shooting sports, kids or anytime you want to create some motion in your shots.

Tags: snapfactory, digital photography, camera, panning, Mark Wallace

Canon IXUS 230 HS / ELPH 310 HS review

Canon IXUS 230 HS / ELPH 310 HS review Video Clips. Duration : 1.80 Mins.

A short, sharp review of the IXUS 230 HS (ELPH 310 HS outside Europe), Canon's best ever point-and-shoot compact camera. Choose 1080p playback to see photo detail shots at 1:1 magnification. Head to for more Visit http for a longer review

Tags: review, Canon, IXUS, 230HS, 230 HS, ELPH, 310HS, 310 HS, digital, camera, digital camera, independent, test, ultra-compact, 1080p, fullhd, sample, photo, photos, photography, video, footage, hands on, burst, burst speed, BSI, CMOS

Bichon Shih Tzu - The Best of the Mixed Breeds

The Bichon Shih Tzu mix is one of the most popular mixed breeds available today. Its small size makes it ideal for city dwellers, and its tendency not to shed means it is the perfect pet for allergy and asthma sufferers.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

Some toy dogs are nervous and high strung, but the Bichon Shih Tzu has a fun, carefree personality. The Bichon Shih Tzu wants to spend its every waking moment with its owner. This is not a breed that should be left at home all day while you're at work. Take your Bichon Shih Tzu with you whenever possible. The dog will charm everyone it meets, and both you and the dog will enjoy spending time together.

The breed is a cross between the Bichon Frise, a French-bred lap dog, and the Shih Tzu, a Chinese-bred lap dog. Looking at Bichon Shih Tzu pictures reveals that the breed gets it flat face from the Shih Tzu and its fluffy coat from the Bichon Frise.

If you enjoy taking pictures of your dog, the Bichon Shih Tzu is an excellent subject for photography, and your photo album will soon be full of Bichon Shih Tzu pictures. Most Bichon Shih Tzus have light-colored coats, so the best background for photographing the breed is a dark backdrop, free of any distracting clutter. Using a dark, neutral background will ensure that your pet is in the spotlight.

These dogs are far too active to sit for a photograph, so have your camera ready during a vigorous play session with your Bichon Shih Tzu. When your dog starts to tire, pick up the camera and start taking photos, shooting no higher than your dog's eye level. Take a variety of shots, capturing your dog playing, resting, and looking directly into the camera.

Thanks to digital photography, bad shots don't cost you a thing, so don't be afraid to take lots of pictures of your dog to ensure that you will get at least one or two great portraits from each session.

Take your dog to your veterinarian for a complete examination as soon as you get your dog. The vet will diagnose any health conditions, give your dog all the required vaccinations, and set your dog up on a schedule of regular health maintenance so your dog can be the perfect Bichon Shih Tzu picture of health.

Because the dog does not shed, it requires regular, specialized grooming to keep its coat from getting too long and overwhelming the dog. A short, perky cut will give your dog the fluffy look typical of the breed and let his personality come shining through. Most Bichon Shih Tzus love the grooming process and will gladly prance around the house to show off a new clip.

The Bichon Shih Tzu has the best of both breeds. Its tear ducts and longer nose eliminate the watery eyes and breathing problems that some Shih Tzus have, and the cross-bred has fewer of the skin problems that seem to plague the purebred Bichon Frise.k

Bichon Shih Tzu - The Best of the Mixed Breeds