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Gestalt: Law of Common Fate

The law of common fate is one of four visual perception laws as theorized by gestalt psychologists. Paul Martin Lester, the author of Visual Communication, an expert in the field wrote: "The fourth law of Gestalt psychology is the law of common fate. A viewer mentally groups five arrows or five raised hands pointing to the sky because they all point in the same direction. An arrow or a hand pointed in opposite direction will create tension, because the viewer will not see it as part of the upwardly directed whole."

Gestalt's law of common fate is a pretty simple concept. It is basically referring to visual directional lines within a design or layout. In a photograph, if two or more people are moving in the same direction, they have created a directional line known as the law of common fate. Together, they have a common fate or destiny. Another example of the law of common fate could include similar shapes aimed in the same direction. You might wonder why the law of common fate is of importance to artists. First of all, when two objects (whether it be shapes or organic forms) are pointed in the same direction in a layout, the directional lines become dominant in a design. So, if two or more powerful shapes are aimed at or moving in a certain direction, an artist knows to put the message at the point of destination.

Directional lines push our eyes around a page. This can be a problem every bit as much as bonus. For instance, visual collisions frustrate the viewing audience. It can cause too much tension and cause anxiety for the reader which in turn, makes the layout uninviting and too intense.

If a candid photograph of a moving car is heading to the right, the law of common fate dictates that the directional line is pointing to the right. Then again, if a candid photograph of a car is aimed towards the left and the image is part of a design, the directional line is now aimed towards the left. Therefore, if a car is headed towards the right (on an image), the image of the car should be placed towards the left-hand side of a layout, because our eyes read from left to right. This is why the law of common fate is so important. The law of common fate should not be ignored in graphic designs and advertisements. Understanding the law of common fate and how directional lines work on layouts can make all the difference in how information is read and understood.

SGNL - First HANDS-ON with Sony 3D Bloggie HD Pocket Camera - SGNL by Sony

SGNL - First HANDS-ON with Sony 3D Bloggie HD Pocket Camera - SGNL by Sony Tube. Duration : 4.47 Mins.

The Bloggie 3D is now available! To view specs or to purchase: bit.ly See the new Sony MHS-FS3 Bloggie 3D HD camera for the FIRST TIME. It's an impossibly-sized, pocket camera that captures 3D HD video. Its screen allows you to preview 3D video WITHOUT glasses! It's cheap too -- only 0. Subscribe for CES coverage all week! www.youtube.com More SGNL www.youtube.com Specs: Sony MHS-FS3 Bloggie 3D HD Camera Available in April for about 0 - Captures 1920×1080 high-definition 3D or 2D MP4 videos and 5-megapixel still photos w/ two lenses and sensors - 3D video/photos can be viewed on camera's 2.4" 3D/2D LCD screen without glasses, 3D-ready TVs w/ glasses - Stereo Microphone brings better-quality sound in 3D and any movie mode - Exmor CMOS Sensor and LED light on a lightweight body that fits easily into a pocket or purse - Digital 4x zoom lens and Auto Focus/Auto Macro (4-inch) to realize close shots - Free style shooting/playback w/ auto-image rotation, SteadyShot™ image stabilization, and Face Detection - 8GB internal memory allows for 240 minutes of HD video recording - Equipped with built-in USB arm and rechargeable battery for quick charging - Embedded Bloggie software (Mac/PC compatible) and Share-it-Later feature for easy tagging and content upload to video-sharing websites - HDMI output to playback HD content on compatible HDTV SGNL Homepage sony.com Tweet us your thoughts! twitter.com Available now for presale on www.sonystyle.com ABOUT SGNL A close-up look at ...

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Digital Photography - Photographing Outdoor Sports Part 2 Shutter Priority

Digital Photography - Photographing Outdoor Sports Part 2 Shutter Priority Video Clips. Duration : 4.00 Mins.

blog.jaredpolin.com Here in part 2 I go into detail on using Shutter Priority for shooting sports outdoors. What is it, what are the benefits of using it and how it works. Make sure you watch the very end for a sneak peek of shooting better hockey pictures. Shot with the NIKON D3S

Keywords: shutter priority, dslr, sports photography, baseball photos, digital photography, Nikon, Canon, action photography

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Hands On Preview: Samsung NX200 compact system camera

Hands On Preview: Samsung NX200 compact system camera Tube. Duration : 2.50 Mins.

What Digital Camera previews Samsung's new 20MP compact system camera, the NX200.

Keywords: NX200, samsung, compact, system, camera

Check Out Sony Cybershot DSC-H10, DSC-H50, DSC-W120 - Replacement Battery Charger (Incl. Car Plug Adapter) for $2.46

Sony Cybershot DSC-H10, DSC-H50, DSC-W120 - Replacement Battery Charger (Incl. Car Plug Adapter) Review

Sony Cybershot DSC-H10, DSC-H50, DSC-W120 - Replacement Battery Charger (Incl. Car Plug Adapter) Feature

  • Fully charges the battery in approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • Quick charge with automatic constant current control prevents battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electronic shock.
  • Dual voltage unit (110- 240V) can be used worldwide!
  • CE Safety Certification. UL Listed. Meets (or exceeds) OEM standards.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Sony Cybershot DSC-H10, DSC-H50, DSC-W120 - Replacement Battery Charger (Incl. Car Plug Adapter) Overview

This battery charger replaces the Sony original [ BC-TRG, CH-BG1 ] family model charger for the [ NP-BG1 ] batteries. Package includes: One ultra slim, lightweight battery charger and one DC Car Plug Adapter. Compatible with the following device models: Sony Cybershot DSC-H10, DSC-H50, DSC-W120

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Sports Photography Part #1 with Justin Uriah

Sports Photography Part #1 with Justin Uriah Tube. Duration : 5.35 Mins.

Canon lineup.... 400 2.8 IS; 70-200 2.8 IS; 17-40; Also Think Tank, Alien Bees, Pocket Wizards, Digital Targets, Strobes. Just some of the gear we use on location when shooting sports. www.justinuriahphotography.com

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Why Take Pictures

Imagine a place where there are no pictures, no images. It's unimaginable, isn't it? We have grown in this world where they are everywhere, it seems that they are already a part of this world. Pictures are important in many ways, and listed below are the reason why they are everywhere.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

For recording
There are things that we need to record, for example, the special and unexpected events in our lives. We surely don't want to miss out those events by not having any record of it.

For remembrance
Photographs have a sense of reality that helps us to remember. Sometimes when you have been in a beautiful place or you have seen something that catches your attention, you take a picture of it as a remembrance.

For sharing
Sometimes your friends are not with you when you are on a trip, so you take pictures to share the places you have visited to them, to show the things you have seen. In that way they seem to be a part of the trip.

For informing and educating
Photographs are important in learning. Their main goal is to inform and educate. It is also a great help to people in making right decisions.

For revealing
Photographs can elucidate all sorts of things.

For promoting
If you want to promote a product, service or an idea, pictures are a great way to show their highlights. Make sure to emphasize what is good about them.

For expressing
Taking photograph is a good help to express one's self. So if you want to unleash yourself, do this simple and fun thing.

For fun
Last but not the least is for you to have fun. We always want to be entertained and photography is one of the ways to do it.

Why Take Pictures

Canon 600D T3i vs Canon 550D T2i Which One is Right For You

Canon 600D T3i vs Canon 550D T2i Which One is Right For You Tube. Duration : 5.70 Mins.

www.learningdslrvideo.com It depends who you are, this comparison is more about video than pictures, but if you are photographer first that uses a lot of remote flash than I would go with the T3i because of the built in flash transmitter. OK now that we have eliminated the photographers for you people that shoot video the decision becomes a little harder. First off the sensor is exactly the same, I have been testing this for a month now and I have not seen any difference at all in image quality. Depending on where and when you look there is 0 to 0 difference between the two, with the T3i being more expensive. The first major difference is the flip out screen. At first I was like oh I might break it, but I have come to really love it. Low shots are great, so much easier when using a slider on the ground. If you like to wear it around your neck and have zipper on your jacket it can protect the screen from getting scratched! The specs on the T3i and T2i for the LCD monitor appear to be almost identical except for the angle of view which the T3i has 10% bigger than the T2i, for the past month I have noticed that the T3i screen looks slightly better. If you are not a hacker, meaning you are not comfortable with items like upgrading your camera's firmware then the T3i is for you because of the manual audio level controls, if you are comfortable with this hack and using beta software that will sometimes ruin a shot because Magic Lantern just stops recording the the T2i ...

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Check Out Maximal Power DB PAN CGA-S007/DMW-BCD10 Replacement Battery for Panasonic Digital Camera/Camcorder (Black)

Maximal Power DB PAN CGA-S007/DMW-BCD10 Replacement Battery for Panasonic Digital Camera/Camcorder (Black) Review

Maximal Power DB PAN CGA-S007/DMW-BCD10 Replacement Battery for Panasonic Digital Camera/Camcorder (Black) Feature

  • Panasonic Digital Battery Replacement
  • CGA-S007/DMW-BCD10

Maximal Power DB PAN CGA-S007/DMW-BCD10 Replacement Battery for Panasonic Digital Camera/Camcorder (Black) Overview

Maximal Power, CGA-S007/DMW-BCD10 Lithium-Ion battery for Panasonic Digital Camera/Camcorder, 1300 mAh, Black

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Film Riot - Master Depth of Field and 35mm Lens Adapters

Film Riot - Master Depth of Field and 35mm Lens Adapters Tube. Duration : 8.55 Mins.

Cinematography Tutorial: Learn how you can get a shallow depth of field without spending a ton of cash in this tutorial. Plus details on 35mm camera lens adapters, and a special look at our first promo!

Tags: cinematography, tips, depth, of, field, tutorial, film, look, depth of field, DOF, 35mm, adapter, lens, letusdirect, riot, promo, secret, secrets, fx, specialeffects, makeup, hollywoodfx, filmmaking, film making, video production, video editing, videoediting, videoproduction, adobe, after effects, aftereffectsfilm, moviemaking

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Samsung NX10 vs Panasonic GF1 vs Olympus E-PL1 Review

Samsung NX10 vs Panasonic GF1 vs Olympus E-PL1 Review Video Clips. Duration : 10.77 Mins.

With the recent release of the Samsung NX10, we take a look to see how it compares with two other mirror-less interchangeable cameras - the Panasonic GF1 and the Olympus E-PL1. Kai gets set the task to give a video tour of Hong Kong to test the autofocus, image stabilisation and AUTO capabilities of each camera.

Tags: digitalrev, Digital-Rev, Samsung NX10, Panasonic GF1, Olympus E-PL1, Review, IS, AF, AUTO, Hong Kong

Kidizoom Lightning Mcqueen digital camera Cars 2 Pixar Vtech Disney

Kidizoom Lightning Mcqueen digital camera Cars 2 Pixar Vtech Disney Tube. Duration : 7.52 Mins.

Race to some creative fun pictures and movies with the Kidizoom Lightning McQueen Digital Camera from VTech. The best digital camera for your kid. This easy to use and ultra durable camera features a sleek Lightning McQueen design and has three modes that allow your child 3 years and older...

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Panasonic DMC-TZ3K Digital Camera

Panasonic DMC-TZ3K Digital Camera Video Clips. Duration : 6.05 Mins.

The Panasonic DMC-TZ3K is a 7.2 megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom. It has a large 3-inch LCD Display. You'll fit sweeping landscapes into a single frame with the 28mm wide-angle setting. Pull in subjects from far away to capture subtle facial expressions with the 280mm telephoto setting. Ideal for traveling, this camera combines a widely versatile lens with a convenient, compact body. The Extended Optical Zoom function allows for as much as 10x zoom, giving you even greater telephoto power.Copy and paste this link to view: www.tigerdirect.com

Keywords: Panasonic, DMC-TZ3K, Digital, Camera, Tigerdirect, computertv

HTC Droid Incredible: Live Wallpapers, Camera, Multitouch & Flash

HTC Droid Incredible: Live Wallpapers, Camera, Multitouch & Flash Tube. Duration : 12.52 Mins.

In this video, we check out some of the software of the HTC Droid Incredible, like live wallpapers, apps, camera settings, flash implementation in the web browser and multitouch action. More videos and full review: is.gd

Tags: htc, droid, incredible, android, verizon, software, live wallpapers, camera, multitouch, pinch zoom, snapdragon, google, apps

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Hot Deals Panasonic Digital Still Camera/lens Adapter

Panasonic Digital Still Camera/lens Adapter

Panasonic Digital Still Camera/lens Adapter Specification

  • Panasonic Digital still camera\lens adapter
List Price : $29.95
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Photography/Photoshop Tutorial: Mono Mood Image-Simon Plant

Photography/Photoshop Tutorial: Mono Mood Image-Simon Plant Tube. Duration : 24.18 Mins.

This tutorial is by guest author Simon Plant. Prophotoinsights Digital Photo Tips, Monochrome Moods www.prophotoinsights.net In this video we show some digital photo tips on shooting and retouching a Black & White image.Step behind the scenes on pro photo shoots and view our free online photoshop tutorials at www.prophotoinsights.net Be sure to check out www.tutvid.com Check out the blog @ http

Keywords: digital, photo, black, and, white, photography, tips, online, photoshop, tutorials, Mono, Image, Effect, Mood, Dramatic, Landscape

New Sony Translucent Mirror Cameras - A55 and A33

New Sony Translucent Mirror Cameras - A55 and A33 Video Clips. Duration : 1.55 Mins.

Sony announces the launch of the a55 and a33, a range of revolutionary new translucent mirror technoloy high speed cameras. The translucent mirror technology allows the cameras to continuously shoot and focus whilst taking stills or recording full HD video. Both cameras shoot continuously at up to 10 frames per second on the a55 and up to 7 on the a33 - making the a55 the fastest burst continuous AF shooting mode the world has ever seen for any interchangeable lens camera with an APS-C size sensor. Both a55 and a33 feature 3D Sweep Panorama, anti-shake and Memory Stick Duo as well as SD card slots.

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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 49: HDSLR Pt.2: Lighting for Video: Adorama Photography TV

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 49: HDSLR Pt.2: Lighting for Video: Adorama Photography TV Tube. Duration : 26.77 Mins.

Adorama Photography TV presents: This week is the second episode in a series about HDSLR. In this episode, Mark will go over a selection of lights. He even shows us some examples on how to use the lights in different scenarios. In the coming weeks, he will go over audio, basic editing techniques as well as compressing for the web- so stay tuned! To buy products used in this video, and for related articles and videos, go here: www.adorama.com Visit www.adorama.com for more photography videos! Send your questions to: AskMark@Adorama.com

Tags: video, dslr, digital photography, camera, Mark Wallace, snapfactory, tripod, Canon, Nikon, adorama, HDSLR, lighting, Arri, Lowel

The RED EPIC! - Film Riot

The RED EPIC! - Film Riot Tube. Duration : 8.97 Mins.

Tom Guilmette's review of the Epic: bit.ly/tomepic Ryan has the RED EPIC on loan from the good people of Kessler Crane, so... Now he will break it out to show you the basics of how the camera works!

Tags: film riot, ryan connolly, red epic, red camera, red, kessler crane, cameras, film, filming

Monday, January 23, 2012

125 Yard Starling Shot - Rangefinder Demonstration

125 Yard Starling Shot - Rangefinder Demonstration Video Clips. Duration : 4.28 Mins.

This video has been edited for content and re-uploaded. It was incredibly stupid of me to call one of my future videos a very explicit name. The video comments set off ALL KINDS of Youtube "flags", and that is why the two most recent uploads were age restricted. I have learned my lesson - Mind the Search Engines!!! I will Upload Pigeons 101 (the other vid in question), as well. Sorry if I cluttered up your "subscription page" :). Okay - so with that settled (sorry Youtube), let's get on with it... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laser rangefinders are very powerful tools for the long-range shooter. The one in this video is the Bushnell Yardage Pro 450. It is a "budget" model, but serves me well. There are much fancier models from Bushnell, as well as Leica, Leupold, Nikon, and others. Here is a full list of Equipment for this video: Laser Rangefinder: Bushnell Yardage Pro 450 Edgun Matador .22 PCP Air Rifle Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x42mm Seben DKA2 Camera Mount (same as Orion Steadypix Deluxe) Casio EX FC 150 Digital Camera Harris Bipod

Keywords: Laser, Rangefinder, Teds Holdover, edgunusa, Starling, Sparrow, Hunting, Shooting, pest, Edgun, Matador, PCP, Air, Rifle

How to make a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months

How to make a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months Video Clips. Duration : 3.03 Mins.

For more info on the build and process, check out my website: volpinprops.net This video chronicles my odyssey with replicating the iconic gold Daft Punk helmet worn by Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo. Over the process, I took hundreds of pictures, mostly because my crummy digital camera I shoot with has a bum autofocus. What you see are the collection of all of these images, and a little hint of video as well. Programming for the helmet code was done by James Moss. jamesmoss.co.uk Chroming work courtesy of Creations n' Chrome www.creationsnchrome.com Custom PCBs printed by batchPCB.com (designed by me) batchpcb.com Visor vacuum-forming performed by Mike Iverson www.blindsquirrelprops.blogspot.com Some video and photography courtesy of Emily Krix THIS PROJECT WAS A ONE-OFF. I AM NOT TAKING ORDERS FOR DUPLICATES.

Tags: Daft Punk, Helmet, DP, Daft, Punk, Guy, Guy Manuel, LED, prop, replica, costume, cosplay, chrome, visor, gold, music, electronics

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My first Digital camera: The Gameboy Camera

My first Digital camera: The Gameboy Camera Video Clips. Duration : 3.23 Mins.

I got this in 1998. For it's day, it was very hi tech.

Tags: My, first, digital, camera, gameboy, light

Fujifilm X-Pro1 (Fujifilm Promotional movie)

Fujifilm X-Pro1 (Fujifilm Promotional movie) Video Clips. Duration : 2.65 Mins.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 - FUJIFILM proudly debuts the newest and most advanced addition to its premium, high quality X-Series digital camera line-up -- the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 interchangeable lens digital camera system. The X-Pro1 follows in the footsteps of the X100 and X10 with its unique, trendy retro look and high quality finish. With a brand new, custom developed 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensorTM, incorporating a newly developed filter array and Fujifilm's proprietary EXR Processor technology, the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 is poised to deliver superlative image quality. Taking another decisive step into the premium camera market, Fujifilm has taken the X-Pro1 to the next level featuring a New Hybrid Multi Viewfinder and three prime interchangeable FUJINON lenses.The FUJIFILM X-Pro1 digital camera not only promises to carve out a distinct position in the premium camera category, but it also promises to reward X-Series loyalists with a camera system that surpasses their expectations. "Fujifilm puts great emphasis on producing outstanding image quality, and with the X-Pro1, we are proud to offer an interchangeable lens system that performs to the highest professional caliber," said Greg Poole, Vice President, Imaging and Recording Media Products, FUJIFILM Canada. "Each element is the product of Fujfiilm's commitment to uncompromising quality. With its custom APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensorTM, unique Hybrid Multi Viewfinder and three interchangeable lenses, the X-Pro1 is poised to become the new ...

Tags: Fujifilm X-Pro1, Fujifilm X-Pro1 Review

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The Best Cameras for Action Photography

The Best Cameras for Action Photography Video Clips. Duration : 7.02 Mins.

What Digital Camera Group Test of 11 compacts and sub £1000 consumer DSLRs to discover which ones are best for photographying moving subjects, whether it be sports or the kids in the garden. Read the full review in the September issue of What Digital Camera, out now.

Keywords: Digital Camera, Action Photography, Canon EOS 60D, Nikon D7000, Sony A55, Panasonic GH2, Pentax K-5, Casio ZR100, Fujifilm HS20, sony HX9, Nikon P500, Olympus SZ-30MR, Canon SX220 HS

Few Facts Of Digital Cameras

A digital camera captures images in a digital format, unlike a conventional camera, which captures images using a photographic film.

[b]Digital Camera [/b]


Using a mosaic photosensor, Eugene F. Lally of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory first showed how still photos could be produced in a digital domain. An engineer at Eastman Kodak, Steve Sasson, used solid-state CCD chips to build a prototype digital camera having a resolution of 0.01 megapixel, and recorded black and white digital images to a magnetic cassette tape. With this prototype model, Steve took the first image in December of 1975 taking 23 seconds to capture it.

In 1988, Fuji DS-1P became the first digital camera that captured images as a computerized file. However, the camera never entered the U.S. market. In 1991, Kodak DCS-100 was the first commercially available digital camera, which used a 1.3 megapixel sensor. With the advancement of technology, modern digital cameras have become multifunctional and are now capable of capturing audio/video and still photographs.


1 - You get superior image quality. Digital cameras can offer good to excellent image resolution.

2 - You get a fair price. A digital camera is reasonably priced and is affordable.

3 - You can transfer the pictures to your laptop. You can easily connect the digital camera to your laptop and transfer the pictures in your hard disk.

4 - You can print in large sizes. Due to its high resolution, pictures can be printed in large sizes by any plotter.

5 - You can email the pictures to your friends. You can send the pictures by email to your loved ones.

6 - You can store the images in CDs or hard disk. Once the pictures are transferred from digital camera to the computer, permanent storage on a CD or hard disk is possible.

7 - You can take the camera in your pocket while you travel. The small size of the digital camera makes traveling with it easy and a pleasure.

8 - You can move in close to your subject. Zoom lenses offer close-ups of your subject with sharp focus. You can take very good close-ups of flowers, bugs, stamps, coins, etc.

9 - You can rework the image in a computer. Any photo editing software can rework the images taken.

10 - You can take good pictures even in low-light situations. Due to flexible over sensitivity or ISO equivalents, digital cameras can easily take detailed pictures even in low-light conditions.

11 - You can take quality still photos of moving objects. Sports and fashion photography can be easily accomplished due to the fast burst rate of digital cameras.

12 - You save money. There is no need of buying photographic films, developing them into negatives and positives. Moreover, the batteries are usually rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which last a long time.

13 - You can choose as per your needs and fancy. Many models are available like standard digital camera, underwater digital camera, waterproof digital camera, compact digital camera, and the professional digital camera.

Storage Media:

Digital cameras use memory to capture and store images. Some of the storages media used are onboard flash memory, 3.5" floppy disks, video floppy disk, PCMCIA hard drives, CD or DVD, CompactFlash memory cards, Microdrives, Memory Stick, SD/MMC, MiniSD Card, MicroSD Card, XD-Picture Card, SmartMedia, and FP Memory.


Digital cameras consume a lot of power, which is supplied by powerful, small in size batteries. Batteries are broadly divided into two groups, namely, off-the-shelf and proprietary. Off-the-shelf batteries are like AA, CR2, CR-V3, AAA, and RCR-V3. They are lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Standard AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries either do not work or work for only a very short time in most cameras.

Proprietary batteries are built as per the manufacturer`s custom specifications and are usually available as aftermarket replacement parts. Generally, lithium ion batteries are widely used as proprietary batteries for digital cameras.

This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author´s name and all the URL´s (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

Few Facts Of Digital Cameras

Digital Camera: The Front and Side Features Explained

Digital cameras are designed to be familiar to anyone who has ever used a film camera. But they have many extra helpful features too...

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

Most digital cameras have similar basic features found on the side, the front, the top, and the back. In this article will introduce you to the side and the front typical features of a compact digital camera, and will go on to discuss more specialised functions later in the article. Is important to check the manual supplied with your camera to see which additional features your camera has.

The Front Features

1: Camera Auto Focus (AF) Sensor

Special sensors help to focus automatically. Some cameras 'sense' changes in contrast, while others use a beam of infra-red (IR) light, particularly in low light. Higher specification cameras sometimes use a combination of both systems and might have Face Priority AF where the camera can 'See' a face and focus only on that.

2: Camera Lens

Most digital cameras come equipped with a zoom lens that enables more or less of a scene to be included by 'zooming' in and out. These changes in focus length are reflected in the viewfinder and on large display screen on the back of the camera.

3: Camera Viewfinder

This enables you to view the scene to be photographed. There are two types of viewfinder; Electronic Viewfinder and Optical Viewfinder. Using an optical viewfinder means you can turn the large colour screen off, saving battery power. An electronic viewfinder (EVF) uses a little power, but has the benefit of being able to display camera information.

4: Camera Built-In-Flash

Most digital cameras have a built-in automatic flash unit that can be used to provide extra light if it is dark, or to reduce shadows on heavily shaded subjects in bright sunlight.

The Side Features - digital photography tutorial

1: Digital Camera PC/AV Socket

Beneath the side cover, you will find a socket that allows you to connect your camera to a computer and / or an AV (audio visual) socket that will allow you to display images directly on your TV, depending on the model you own.

2: DC (Mains Power) Socket

The DC socket also lies beneath this cover, which allows you to plug the camera into the mains to power it. On some models, a mains adapter will be supplied; if not, you will need to buy one. Some cameras can recharge their batteries when plugged into the mains.

3: Wrist Strap Lug

You attach the camera's wrist or carrying strap here. Wrist straps are a great way to carry your camera. They secure the camera to the wrist without getting in the way. If you need that extra hand, you can let it safely dangle from your wrist or you can let it one end hang from the strap and cup the other end in your hand. They can be on the right or left side of the camera depending on your preference. There are many ways to use the wrist strap.

A black rubber o-ring slides to reduce the strap opening. The strap comes with a 1/2" split ring to attach to the camera.

Regular wrist straps are large enough for most people but some people need a larger strap. For those with larger hands (if you wear a large glove) you can have the Long strap and for those that need even more room the Extra Long strap will be the deal.

That concludes the front and the side camera features, see the our next article that covers the top and the back camera features.

Digital Camera: The Front and Side Features Explained

Friday, January 20, 2012

Animash - ♪ KodiMash ♫ - Kodi's Video + Music Mash-Up

Animash - ♪ KodiMash ♫ - Kodi's Video + Music Mash-Up Video Clips. Duration : 5.10 Mins.

Made using over 100 Sony Vegas layers, yes, it's a very large project file, and many compositions in After Effects. Total render time took more than 12 Hours for 1080p. Once again, I wished I had a HD camcorder. I was only using my digital photo-taking camera! ►Interesting Fact: That KodiMash CD shown at 0:17 was a recycled disc. It does not contain the actual video. ►Official FaceBook Page [I know it's still new but please click Like! =)] FaceBook.com ►Personal FaceBook Profile NOTE: I will ignore fake "fictional character" profiles! FaceBook.com ► I Love Reading Comments Thank you very much for them. Some are so inspiring, others are extremely funny and crack me up. =D ► Say No to Watermarks/Name Tags I've decided to just use a title/credit screen instead of a watermark throughout. It can be distracting/in the way, no matter how small or transparent. ► More info on Adobe After Effects: en.wikipedia.org

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Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers:10 Low Cost Ideas

Marketing your photography studio does not have to be expensive. I've used hundreds of low cost marketing strategies over the last twenty five years and managed to build my photography studio to the point where I am one the busiest and most successful studios in my city. Here's a few tips for you:

[b]Digital Camera [/b]

1. Create a photo display. A photography display can be as simple as displaying a few small portraits at a store and offering some free information about your studio or more elaborate set ups with framed wall samples. You can even create large temporary displays in malls or at events such as trade shows. The important thing is how it looks. You will attract a lot of attention with some great images, especially from woman, who happen to be your target market. Displays will help you create a lot of business if you play your cards right. Have a great selection of images, be presentable yet never pushy, have a system for collecting names and address's from those wanting more information by simply asking or offering a draw prize, and keep in touch with all those prospects. It's the beginning of a potential long term and lucrative relationship.

2. Have a free giveaway. Offer a time limited in studio session and small reprint. Tell them there is no obligation for further purchase, and mean it. You will make some sales anyways and you will acquire many long term clients if you do a good job for them. Some will only grab the freebie, but the odds are very good that you will upsell without being sneaky or pushy. Especially if you are professional and create some great images. Do this at mall displays, banks, schools or offer it to a list of clients from a non-competitive business in your town or city. Freebies are the best way to get your studio busy, start making sales and most of all for getting tons of exposure.

3. Reward referrals. Make a policy to reward anyone who brings you referrals. When a client brings in a propective client, give them a gift of appreciation, such as a coupon worth reprints dollars at your studio, frames, or to a local spa or restaurant. As an added incentive, give a small gift to the new client as well.

4. Create a tie-in with another business. Contact a local business and offer to exchange coupons. For example, your client receives coupons from a local restaurant, hair salon, spa, or wherever your typical prospect would shop. A great place to start is with clients of yours who already own their own businesses.

5. Make your reception or waiting room "prospect and sales friendly". Whenever you create a family portrait or are shooting a wedding there are often people waiting in your reception area. Offer them snacks or something to drink. Make sure your place looks great and smells nice. Make it comfortable. Use this time to increase your upcoming sales presentation by explaining some of the items such as wall portraits and other packages and services. Answer objections that you know will be coming up later during the sale presentation with a consultive approach and people will not only trust you more but will likely make the sale easier for you and even buy more. This is also a great time to collect names. These people are somehow associated with you and at this point make excellent prospects.

6. Make copies of news articles about yourself and your studio. Hang them on the walls or pass them out. Past publicity is better than any advertising or promotional literature you can create. Give copies of positive articles to everyone who comes in for information.

7. Raise money for charity. Not only do you help a good cause, you get plenty of free, positive publicity and exposure. Hold a contest, offer some photography classes, give out free booklets- that you can easily write yourself and print for pennies by having them photocopied- think up your own exciting charity event.

8. Submit press releases to the local newspapers about a noteworthy event at your studio or a human interest story. Did you win a photography contest? Is there and article on photography that relates to local sites in your area or has to do with the seasons? Make your release interesting to the readers, never self-serving and you will get press coverage.

9. Give a free photography seminar or presentation at your studio. Invite members of the public and clients family members to be a part. A seminar gives them the chance to see your studio and your work. Offer something timely to do with how to create great photographs with digital cameras or offer a slide show from some of your more exotic travels. You could create an exhibition highlighting your work. Don't forget to invite the local newspaper.

10. Leave your business cards everywhere. Whenever you are at a restaurant, leave a nice tip and your card. Drop a stack off at the local jewellry store. Make sure card is loaded with your best samples and print on both sides to maximize the space for your sales message.

Photography Marketing Ideas for Photographers:10 Low Cost Ideas

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Best Zoom Digital Camera For 2009

Somewhere, someone decided that there was a gap between the fairly inexpensive point and shoot automatic digital cameras, and the somewhat more sophisticated digital SLR cameras used by many professional photographers.  That biggest feature separating the two cameras was lens zoom.  Hence, was born the ultra zoom, or extended zoom digital cameras.  They're a little bigger to carry around, but usually sport significantly improved lenses over the compact and ultra compact point and shoots.  In addition, they don't require lugging around a case of supporting gear around, like many of the SLR cameras do.

Featuring upwards of 20X optical zoom, these are impressive cameras, and can be the perfect camera for certain situations.  Like when you show up late for the wedding, and get stuck in the back pews.  With these cameras you'll be able to still get great shots of the bride and grooms big kiss, without being mistaken for the official wedding photographer.  As a general note for all these cameras, image stabilization is a gotta-have, unless you happen to have the rock steady hands of a surgeon.

Panasonic Lumix FZ28

This Panasonic model features an 18X zoom lens, and goes for around 0 or less.  the IA (intelligent auto) setting works quite well.  The auto settings are important for many photographers this camera targets as manual tweaking is generally not something a lot of casual photographers do.  Of course, for those who like to make adjustments, the option is there.  The LCD is a nice sized 2.7 inches.  The zoom control seems to be opposite of what I would have expected, but after spending a little time with it, I'm sure most people get used to it.

Canon Powershot SX10 IS

Canon is one of my personal favorite brands, and this camera is one of the reasons why.  This Canon is comparable in price (around 0) to the previously reviewed Panasonic Lumix, but with 20X zoom, instead of just 18.  Even a few die hard SLR owners I've hear from, swear from this camera.  A lens range of 28-560mm is nothing to sneeze at.  Especially with the clarity, and noise free pictures produced by this camera, even at higher ISO settings.  You can of course, get better clarity and image sharpness with a good SLR, but your also going to spend at least double the price to get there.  Not to mention haul a lot more gear around for a SLR.  The other nice thing about this camera, is the ability to capture video files, even if they are in the somewhat more obscure .mov Apple format. 

Olympus SP-565 UZ

You should be able to find this Olympus for under 0 these days. Which is pretty good, when you consider the quality of the 20X zoom lens that comes with it. Some would argue, that is the successor to the somewhat botched Olympus SP565UZ. It's a much better camera, a little bit lighter, and includes both an auto zoom and auto focus feature. The zoom is a joy to work with, and the somewhat advance features of face recognition, and shadow adjustments work as advertised. It's got a cool feature call pre-capture, that I suppose, is the poor mans answer to burst mode offered by many high priced SLRs. It basically allows you to capture up to 10 photos in rapid succession, and then choose the ones you want to keep.

Alan Jackson Introduces Wife On Stage In Atlanta GA

Alan Jackson Introduces Wife On Stage In Atlanta GA Video Clips. Duration : 3.63 Mins.

I shot this with my digital camera in Atlanta GA on 8/26/07

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DSLR Tips: How to blur action shots for a feeling of speed

DSLR Tips: How to blur action shots for a feeling of speed Tube. Duration : 5.60 Mins.

Full guide at: www.dslrtips.com / DSLR Tips: How to blur action shots for a feeling of speed

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Samsung ST95 16MP Digital Camera

Samsung ST95 16MP Digital Camera Tube. Duration : 3.27 Mins.

The Samsung ST95 16MP Digital Camera is ready to change the way you view your compact camera. It is as much a stylish accessory as it is a brilliant digital camera. The Samsung ST95 16MP Digital Camera features 5x optical zoom, 26mm wide angle lens and HD movies, you'll be amazed that it all fits within an ultra slim casing. Also featuring, Smart Auto 2.0 and Magic Frame for extra clarity, fun and creativity. So, enjoy looking very sophisticated while capturing life's best moments in both picture and video. Order the Samsung ST95 16MP Digital Camera today!

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Nikon D5100 vs Canon T3i 600D - Which One Should I Buy???

Nikon D5100 vs Canon T3i 600D - Which One Should I Buy??? Video Clips. Duration : 5.52 Mins.

www.artoftheimage.com - Nikon D5100 vs Canon T3i 600D - Which One Should I Buy??? PS Ifyou have kids or know someone with kids, check out my latest online book, "Diary of a Nerd King" at http It's funny and it's FREE! Please pass it along! PSS If you have toddlers or small children, check out www.pumpernickelpark.com for my children's ebooks for Kindle, iPad, iPod, iPhone, laptops, etc! Please pass it along!

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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 26: Metering Part 2: Exposure Compensation

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 26: Metering Part 2: Exposure Compensation Video Clips. Duration : 12.10 Mins.

This week is the second episode in a four-part series about metering. In this episode, Mark will explain exposure compensation. He will also demonstrate this and show us how to use it correctly.

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Photography Tips on Travel and Landscape Photography - by Karl Taylor

Photography Tips on Travel and Landscape Photography - by Karl Taylor Tube. Duration : 6.02 Mins.

Photography Tips on Travel and Landscape Photography Get More FREE Training at my website: www.photography-tips-online.com

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How Much Should I Charge?: Ep 207: Digital Photography 1 on 1

How Much Should I Charge?: Ep 207: Digital Photography 1 on 1 Tube. Duration : 14.98 Mins.

AdoramaTV Presents Digital Photography One on One. In this week's episode Mark answers a question he gets asked all the time- how much should I charge my clients? Join Mark as he walks you through the basics of setting your rates. From business fundamentals to licensing fees, Mark presents a framework for any photographer looking to build her or his own fee structure.

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McDonalds Business Analysis

'In the 1990s managers will be judged on their ability to identify, cultivate, and exploit the core competencies that make growth possible - indeed, they'll have to rethink the concept of the corporation it self.'

C K Prahalad and G Hamel 1990

Organizations do not exist in vacuum. They operate within a competitive industrial environment. Analyzing its competitors not only enables an organization to identify its own strengths and weaknesses but also help to identify opportunities for and threats to the organization from its industrial environment. SWOT analysis is a systematic analysis of these factors and the strategy that reflects the best match between them.

Let us analyze these principals in relation to the core competence of McDonalds, one of the largest food chain companies in the world. Let us first start with the strengths and the positive aspects which define the performance of this company. How can we define the company's strengths? Strength is a distinctive competence that gives the firm a comparative advantage in the market place. For instance financial resources, image, market leadership and buyer supplier relations etc
McDonalds is the no: 1 fast food chain stores with a 40 million customers visiting it per day. It has over 30,000 branches in 120 countries. It derives 80% of its revenues from eight countries like Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, UK, Australia and US. The greatest strength was creating an image in the minds of the people and introducing them to the fast food culture. Delivery speed, customer care and cleanliness are the core strengths on which these stores expanded. They created a corporate symbol and their advertisement campaigns were highly successful in establishing the brand image and logo in the minds of the millions. Two main competitors generally identified with McDonalds are the Burger King and the KFC. McDonalds marketing strategy is concerned with the internal resources, external environment and its basic competencies along with its share holders.

McDonald's product value is also its greatest strengths. Customers know what to expect when they walk into a McDonalds store. It gives great emphasis to human resources by satisfying both the customer and the employees. Next is the innovation aspect wherein new products line up to catch up with the new trends and tastes of the people. Its diversity into other new business ventures can also be considered as its strengths.

How effective are these strengths to the company in the long run? McDonalds today is not that amendable as it was during its inception. What are the driving factors which results in its present decline in terms of sales and services? To analyze this factor we have to look at the weaknesses part of the companies business and marketing strategy. What can generally be termed as a weakness of a company? The same factors which were considered as strengths also become a weakness if it impedes the overall performance of the company.

Customer trends change and so does their choices. People are generally tired of the same brands that they had been using over the years, so when they do not see the expected innovation they migrate to new brands. Moreover people see McDonalds every where and this over exposure might also be a reason for abstinence. Moreover maintaining the standards of such a huge chain becomes feasible and when there is lack of quality service in one store it effects the whole brand.

The secret of any marketing strategy is to reach the target audience. And here again the target audience should be chosen carefully. In the case of McDonalds as projected in its ads, the targeted audiences were the kids. Demographics and customer financial and psychological aspects define a business concerns success. Health conscious women and senior citizen comprise the major population but kids soon grow out to become adults. Recent law suits and documentaries resulted in the companies recent innovation and a major change related to health related product ranges and this switch over as per the needs of today's trend and needs has increased the lost popularity of McDonalds a bit.
All the above factors point out the external strengths and weaknesses. There are also internal factors which affect the performance and overall benefits the company stands to enjoy. Kids based marketing strategy which was earlier a weakness has changed since 2003. Now more teenagers and adults rule the McDonalds ad world. The research and develop which lacked earlier is also looked into and the brand quality is being defined with various research and development options today. McDonald at one stage started concentrating on expansion and growing big that it missed out on key factors like quality maintenance and R&D.

One major threat to any brand is its relationship between the management and the franchise dealers. Organization strength is the back bone of any concern and when that starts shaking the whole system will collapse. But slowing McDonald is recovering from all these weaknesses as its brand managers can easily communicate, compare and improve their services through the latest technological developments wherein they can use the internet to motivate, compare and improve upon other centers performances.

The overall analysis of all the external and internal strengths and weaknesses on this company should be linked in order to draft a sustainable plan for the companies' further improvement. For any improvement or expansion the internal resources must be readily available. And thus analyzing this aspect can lead to a modified strategy to suit its vision. Keeping in mind the available resources the planner should think globally. Hence making use of all the core competencies the firm can definitely sustain in the competitive market.

The change in the top managerial level has creating a new wave in its performance and major changes have been implemented to retain and sustain the brand quality and innovation. As the new CEO rightly quotes,

"The world has changed. Our customers have changed. We have to change too."
James R. Cantaloupe, Chairman and CEO, McDonald's, 2003

Now let us analyze the sustainable competitive advantage of the company. What is sustainable competitive advantage? How can it be related to McDonalds? SCA is the advantage a company has which is difficult or impossible for other companies to possess or break through. It can either be the brand, dynamic customer care, cost structure or its patent. Whatever the advantage in order to be considered as sustainable it should either be proprietary or distinctive. Other than this three different aspects that help in SCA are,

o The managerial and organizational process should share a good integration and coordination. The much needed 'value' is created thereby as everyone strives to work for a common goal. The organization should learn and bring about changes according to the need of the hour and should always be flexible to changes in the environment such as customer trends, legal or government restriction and developments in the technology. McDonalds is presently concentrating on this advantage by concentrating on organizational behavior and managerial expertise. Previously this advantage was ignored as the organization was more into expansion of its outlets over the globe than strengthening its core advantage. As the result the revenue did not see much of a change while newer outlets were open. The company suffered a massive loss first time since their inceptions which further lead to the change in the managerial heads.

o Technological, structural and financial assets of a company are excellent market position which helps in the SCA. McDonalds no doubt is abundant with such aspects like structure, technology and finance. To identify and implement these assets in the proper direction towards the improvement of the company is all that is needed. After 2003 the company has really started to concentrate on its greatest advantages.

o Most of all the greatest advantage is the vision or the dream with which the company was started. Sustaining this dream over the years is any companies' greatest advantage. A brand usually revolves around this vision sustaining this vision and working in lieu with it is a great SCA. McDonalds was started out to help people who had very little time to cook or was too busy to get into a proper restaurant. The vision was to provide quick service, cheap products and quality satisfaction. Keeping this vision in mind the company which slackened a bit because of incompetent franchise holders is being weeded and new and better people are put in this place as the torch bearers of the company sustaining and living the vision.

To sum it all up SCA means implementing the best value based strategy using all the advantages which are unique to the company and that which cannot be copied or replicated by other competitors. The importance of this SCA can be evident by the reply the great investment guru Warren Buffet gave when asked about how he evaluates his investment portfolio. He simply answered 'sustainable competitive advantage'. Hence based on the dynamic integrated and intelligent human resources can always be the only dependable and sustainable SCA.
Outsourcing boom or doom in today's business environment

Today everything is outsourced from employee appointment to finance and customer care. No organization is best enough to handle all kinds of work. Moreover concentrating on every detail is not possible with a big concern especially like McDonalds. But great care should be taken not to outsource the core competences of the company. General advantages of outsourcing are cheap service, knowledge of markets offshore, flexible resources, speedy operations, expansion in supplier relationship etc. most of all the company can concentrate on its core competencies and outsource rest of its operation. Recently McDonald has tested its drive through order facility. Wherein it makes sure that the order placed with the outlet is accurate. The order taken by the outsourced company is reverted back to the home restaurant. These call center has a digital camera which clicks the vehicle you drive through and the delivery man back home can integrate the order and the person who placed it using the image of the car. Outsourcing thus helps in the increase of the external suppliers and fills up the difficulties faced because of the lack of the latest technologies and other innovations.

What started of as a success story with McDonalds had to face a number of risks, competitions and major set backs. What makes it still strong and ranked among the top business concerns is its core competences and the sustainable competitive advantages both internal and external. Of course keeping up with the changing times the company has also set foot in outsourcing but the point to keep in mind here is not to be driven away by this outsourcing mania. This company has started to revert back to its golden glory recently because of large scale revamping of its organizational and structural changes being implemented.


No particular competitive strategy is guaranteed to achieve success at all times. Risk attitudes can change and vary by industry volatility and environmental uncertainty and several internal conditions also might be involved. Thus the "four P's" of marketing (product, price, place and promotion) provide a good starting point for consideration of the requirements of strategy implementation in the marketing function. The mix of these marketing elements should be appropriate and the plans for each of the elements should also be appropriate.

The marketing function is consumer oriented and hence marketing decisions are based on the careful identification of consumer needs and on the design of marketing strategies to meet those needs. The distribution system brings the product or service to the place where in can best fill customer needs. Access to distribution can mean all the differences between success and failure for a new product. Because many products require support from distribution channels in the form of prompt service, rapid order processing etc the choice of distributors, wholesalers and jobbers is extremely important.

Promotion is more than advertising. The location, size and nature of markets which the business strategy defines will guide promotion mix decisions and should indicate the content of promotional material as well. Pricing is a complex issue because it is related to cost, volume, trade offs etc and because it is frequently used as a competitive weapon. Pricing policy changes are likely to provoke competitor response. Using price to jockey for position can lead to price wars, which usually hurt all participants.

Marketing has received increasingly greater attention in the competitive business since the early modern era. The old concept of marketing focused on the firms existing products and considered marketing to consist of selling and promotion to maximize sales at a profit. The new concept however focuses on the firms existing potential customers and seeks to earn profit through customer satisfaction with an integrated marketing program.

Neymar 2011 - Goals & Skills - HD

Neymar 2011 - Goals & Skills - HD Video Clips. Duration : 4.80 Mins.

Music: Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) Twitter : twitter.com Presented By: AFDS17 Neymar 2011 - Goals & Skills HD 1080p - Neymar 2011 - Gols E Dribles HD 1080p Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 33: Histograms: Adorama Photography TV

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 33: Histograms: Adorama Photography TV Video Clips. Duration : 10.70 Mins.

Adorama Photography TV presents: In this episode Mark will explains just what the histogram is and how you can use it to ensure a correctly exposed picture. For more information about the products mentioned in this video, and for related videos and articles about using histograms, go here: www.adorama.com Visit www.adorama.com for more photography videos!

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Olympus E-P3 Digital Camera

Olympus E-P3 Digital Camera Video Clips. Duration : 8.60 Mins.

Fans of the award-winning Olympus PEN® family of cameras now have the new Flagship Olympus E-P3 V204031BU000: the ultimate PEN for visual expression. Designed for photographers who want total control over their creative vision with a camera portable enough to travel the world, the powerful Olympus E-P3 V204031BU000 Digital Camera delivers professional image quality, the world's fastest auto focus, built-in creative features, and a new OLED touch screen in a classic, all-metal body with fully advanced controls. Get the Olympus E-P3 V204031BU000 Digital Camera today. To Order this Product Visit biturl.net

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Billingham camera bags Hands-on Review

Billingham camera bags Hands-on Review Video Clips. Duration : 8.83 Mins.

We've received a lot of questions asking us about what camera bag Kai uses, so in this video he shows us why he chooses Billingham bags to carry around his camera gear.

Tags: digitalrev, digitalrevtv, digital-rev, case, kai, billingham, camera, bags, hands-on, review

For Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 CGA-S007 Battery Charger

Check Out For Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 CGA-S007 Battery Charger http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-Lumix-DMC-TZ5-CGA-S007-Battery/dp/B003BYM4I8?SubscriptionId=AKIAJAHF267ZGN5KPB7A&tag=hotpricebooks-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B003BYM4I8

MINECRAFT: The Last Minecart

MINECRAFT: The Last Minecart Tube. Duration : 2.70 Mins.

Click to tweet! - clicktotweet.com Super BONUS VID! - youtube.com Hit us up on twitter: twitter.com Join the fun on facebook: fb.com Download the soundtrack: corridordigital.bandcamp.com The end of days are upon us. Zombies now walk the earth 24/7. The ultimate weapon must be crafted so that Niko and Sam can escape on the last remaining minecart out of the infected city! Special thanks to the following dudes for helping us out: Jimmy Wong (Zombies!) - youtube.com Arthur To (camera dude for first half) - youtube.com Nick Laurent (camera dude for second half) - youtube.com Freeman White III (camera and all around bro) - youtube.com Notch, for making the game in the first place. - minecraft.net Shot with Canon 7D, Sony EX1 Edited: Final Cut Pro VFX: After Effects, 3ds Max, Rayfire User Reviews: "That was, by far, the best thing on the Internet." - tristen32

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Buy 2 Battery Pack for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 CGA-S007 CGA-S007A

2 Battery Pack for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 CGA-S007 CGA-S007A
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A Guide To Taking Better Pictures...

A Guide To Taking Better Pictures... Tube. Duration : 1.40 Mins.

...of yourself. Using 'the Angles' can transform literally anyone. Learn the tricks with our super-duper YouTube How to Video. Fantastic!

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Radical Face - Welcome Home lyrics

Radical Face - Welcome Home lyrics Video Clips. Duration : 4.63 Mins.

Radical Face - Welcome Home + Lyrics. The song from the Nikon advertising.

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Popping for Bluefin Tuna (9kgs) off the Rocks in WA

Popping for Bluefin Tuna (9kgs) off the Rocks in WA Tube. Duration : 6.20 Mins.

Apologies for the poor sound quality my little digital camera picks up an awful lot of wind noise. This was the only bluefin capture I succesfully managed to film completely. I "beat" fish in the 20 - 25kilo bracket only to have the bronzies and tigers rip them to shreds right at my feet. They left me with this fish however who hit me out of the blue (excuse the bad pun) between some lovely shark mackerel catches... an easy catch in comparion to the bigger bluefins who were 3 times this size!

Keywords: Land, Based, Game, Fishing, Spinning, Popping, Tuna, Shore, Sea, Rocks, Western, Australia, oconnorliamo

Pre-feasibility: Mukhtar Dairy Farm Call +92 (0) 300 8402812 April 18 2010 Manga Mandi Pakistan

Pre-feasibility: Mukhtar Dairy Farm Call +92 (0) 300 8402812 April 18 2010 Manga Mandi Pakistan Video Clips. Duration : 11.00 Mins.

Mukhtar Dairy (Farm) Manga 18 April 2010 Manga Mandi Pakistan muddasar4u@hotmail.com +92 (0) 300 8402812 Download "Pre-feasibility Studies: Environmentally Controlled Dairy Farm (50 American Cows)" www.smeda.org mun@WAR Developing History In Digital Form munawarahmed7@gmail.com +92 (0) 300 4 16 64 59 Thanks to Main Mukhtar, Mr. Muddassar (Mukhtar) and Mr. Aslam I am software Developer at smeda.org i had developed 1539 videos, which include National Songs with flowers, Ramadan, different religions, Travel, historical Locations, Technical Education, Banks, Business women events, Flowers events, Fruits and Food all with dates on Country Pakistan just in 26 months from Canon IXY Digital 2000 12.01 Mega Pixels Digital Photograph Camera. Not from any video camera :) Developing history in Digital Form... all videos with date time of development. I Want Network of educated/decent people who helps and guide each other all over the Universe. My profile: if you don't mind... www.youtube.com My historical work for CNN ireport.com and BBC London on 22 July 2009 www.ireport.com I am also SuperSTAR of CNN ireport.com just in 20 Days of my video work on ireport. www.ireport.com My Work on National Geographic Channel of Photography ngm.nationalgeographic.com munawarahmeds Biography History in the form of Pictures 1970-2009 Lahore Pakistan www.youtube.com I have 17300 links on google due to my videos (Also search able in Google Suggestion.Just type "munaw") www.google.com.pk My Facebook ...

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Friday, January 13, 2012

1991 Vintage Panasonic WV-F250 / AG-7450 S-VHS Camera Demo

1991 Vintage Panasonic WV-F250 / AG-7450 S-VHS Camera Demo Video Clips. Duration : 9.98 Mins.

I demo a nice example of early 90's pre-digital video technology. This unit sat in storage for at least 10 years and amazingly still works like new. These two particular models had a long sales life as they were still listed on the Panasonic website as late as 1998. Unfortunately, I don't own this piece of gear, I'm just borrowing this for the weekend from work. This rig makes a beautiful picture. Any retrophile would be glad to own this.

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How to Make a Time-Lapse Video With Your Digital Video Camera

Getting the most out of your digital video camera can mean being able to create some really cool stuff. You just have to step outside the manual a bit and find the cool things you can do with your digital video camera and your editing software.

We have all seen them in a movie or a TV show, those very cool shots where they speed up time and capture a long segment of time and condense it into a very short amount of video. An example is many of the TV news stations nowadays have a camera that captures the day's weather and then they process it down to a 20 second clip to show the clouds and weather racing by on screen.

Well this technique is not just a tool in the hands of the movie makers or the big TV stations. You can do this with your digital video camera gear too. I will go into two ways that you can accomplish this effect and get some cool results for your next video project. This one is worth playing around with in order to find the right settings to get the most dramatic effect.

Technique number one is to use the camera itself to do the time lapse recording for you. Almost all digital video cameras have the ability to do an interval recording. What this means in a nutshell is that you tell the camera how long you want to record for and how long in between recordings and it will go on autopilot for you for as long as the battery lasts or the tape runs out. This is what those cameras at the convenience store do, they record a few seconds of motion every 30-60 seconds giving the overall view of the traffic in the store over time.

Now if you want to capture some time lapse in your digital video camera you will need to get into your cameras menu and find Interval Recording (or in my case Int Rec, as I use a Sony PD 150 for my camera) When you select this option you will decide how long of an interval between shots you want and how long to record each time. If you are trying to capture something that takes a long time to occur and in which not much happens quickly you will want to set the interval at around a minute and the record time as short as possible on your camera. An example would be if you wanted to record a day in the life of a flower or the clouds rolling by in the sky. Suppose however that you want to capture an event that has lots of action and occurs over a much shorter time frame. Then you would want to shorten the interval between recordings and increase the time of each recording. So in this case you might record every 15-30 seconds and record up to 2-3 seconds of video each time.

I used this technique to capture an afternoon of work being done by a team of carpenters on my house remodeling project. The result was a flurry of activity as workers raced hither and yon nailing boards, carrying equipment and building walls. I have added it to my photo collection of the project. (Hey I had to live through the project so I might as well have a great record of it for posterity!)

Now suppose you have one of the great software video editing packages on your computer to work with your digital video camera. Now you can do it in post as they say in the business. You can record any length of video you want (subject to the limitations of your tape length) and then import it into your editing program.


I use Adobe Premiere Pro for my editing jobs, but I have also used Avid DV Express, Final Cut Pro, and others in the non linear editing world. These are all great programs and are very powerful products that can create some very professional looking videos. You don't have to have these products to create your own videos but if you are serious about digital video editing it might be a good idea to take a look at these options.

I digitize my raw video of the scene I am doing time lapse on into my computer (big hard drive, video eats up GB's of space) and then import the clip into my time line. From the timeline you can then select the clip with a right click. From there you will be given a menu with options depending on the software you use. Select the option that says "duration", "speed" or something similar. Change the speed of the clip so that time will speed up considerably. If you have an hour of video in the clip and want to shorten it to 2 -5 minutes then you need to increase the speed of the clip to 3 or 4 thousand percent of normal. This will require your software to render the clip at the higher speed and may take some time top process depending on the speed of your computer.

Once you have rendered the video clip at the new speed you will want to play it to see if the movie flows evenly or if you will want to readjust the speed setting to make it better. Sometimes you may want to shorten your raw video and adjust the speed down somewhat in order to get a smooth flow of action. Once you have rendered the clip at the new speed you can now cut and splice it as you see fit with the speeded up action intact. There are some things you will record that might only need a slight speed change, take for instance some digital video of your kids playing sports. Double or triple the speed of the clip and show it to them and you might have them rolling on the floor.

You can also use these techniques to capture the growth of a flower or plant over the course of days or weeks. Simply set you camera in exactly the same place at the same time each day and record an interval that works each day fro however long you want to document. May be you get the seedling just breaking soil and follow it all the way through turning into a full grown plant.

Another interesting idea is to capture the path of the moon across the night sky. Set up your camera on a tripod in a spot that can see the path of the moon for several hours. Set the camera to interval record and put the moon on one side of the frame so that it will pass across the frame as the night passes. This one may require some testing in order to get the exposure and framing right as well as the right interval to record at. Most likely you would want to set the interval as long as you can and the record time as short as you can but do a test run first to see what works.

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Tutorial on how to use filters, by WDC Part 1

Tutorial on how to use filters, by WDC Part 1 Tube. Duration : 6.45 Mins.

How to use filters, tutorial by What Digital Camera magazine: Part 1 Part 2: uk.youtube.com

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Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 47: Understanding Camera Settings

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 47: Understanding Camera Settings Tube. Duration : 20.23 Mins.

Get the spreadsheet here: tinyurl.com Pre-set modes like "Sports" and "Night Portrait" make it easy for us to just point and shoot. If you're new to photography, two of the most important things to learn are aperture and shutter speed settings as these will give you a lot of creative control. If you're not sure what settings to use Mark has an easy to follow spreadsheet to help you determine the right settings. Get the spreadsheet here: tinyurl.com

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Photoshop Quick Tips - Blend Exposures - Week 57

Photoshop Quick Tips - Blend Exposures - Week 57 Video Clips. Duration : 5.45 Mins.

The human eye sees more then even the best digital camera. Taking two exposures gives you the chance to blend them together in Photoshop as digital expert Gavin Hoey www.gavtrain.com demonstrates with this picture taken at the famous roman baths at bath..

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