Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Film Skateboarding (HD)

How to Film Skateboarding (HD) Video Clips. Duration : 7.03 Mins.

I made this for my Comm Tech class about a month ago. The project was "Teach the class something your good at in photography or film" and people did some useless videos like "How to take a picture with a digital camera" or "How to make a movie in movie maker". This topic was kinda a joke between me and a friend but I somehow ended up actually doing it ahah. I think its pretty useful though, especially these days where kids knowing nothing about filming are getting vx1, mk1 setups and using them like crap. Hopefully if you never filmed skateboarding or just want to improve abit, this video will help you. Also send this to you friends who have cameras and havent seen this video yet. ALSO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! I have many more videos coming up in the next 2 weeks right after i finish my exams, should be legit. Thanks! ADDITIONAL FILMING: Igor Zivkovic Jeff Harris Alex Siambis Ty Evans?

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