Thursday, March 15, 2012

Army Men - Plastic Apocalypse

Army Men - Plastic Apocalypse Video Clips. Duration : 24.18 Mins.

The epic tale of Green and Tan army men battling it out in the dirt. Will the Green be able to make it through the perlious obstacle of adversity? Film maker's comments: I'm tired of getting comments like "How long did this take?" and "How many pictures did you take?" and "What program did you use?" So I'll tell you now. It was filmed using a Casio digital camera, I don't have any stopmotion equiptment. My friend Jesse (The Sergeant) and I filmed it on the side of my house during the summer of 2011. It was hot as hell and we were laying down in the dirt for weeks which sucked. It took about two months to shoot and then another two months to edit. I have no idea how many pictures we took but it was a shit load. I used Ulead video studio to edit the footage and add in the voices and sound effects. I then used Adobe After Effects to add in the muzzle flashes, explosions, dirt hits ect. This movie had absolutely no script, we were making the whole thing up as we went. When we recorded our voices, we were basically sitting there watching the footage while we improved into the mic. I got all the army men in a combo pack off ebay along with the tanks and canons. I built the bunkers and the guard towers myself out of balsa wood and dug the trenches myself with a ruler. We didn't really expect it to be as long as it is or have as much stuff as it does. We're pretty proud of it though. Glad we were actually able to get it done. Written and Driected by Michael Akkerman & Jesse ...

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