Sunday, March 11, 2012

FroKnowsPhoto Show #004 Live at Allen's Camera

FroKnowsPhoto Show #004 Live at Allen's Camera Tube. Duration : 69.22 Mins. This video was uploaded in 720 HD not sure why youtube did not convert it that way. This is our first on location show and it is from Allen's Camera and Video. This show we talk about my night at the flyers game, what the Hebrew Trinity is for FX DX and Canon as well as how to take care and clean your camera. The guest of honor this week was none other than Allen himself. At the very end of this show I released the FroKnowsPhoto Song via youtube so stay tuned. Be sure to sign up for the podcast. You can download the MP3 for FREE click the link.

Tags: froknowsphoto, Nikon, Photography, Canon, D3100, D7000, T3i, RAW, DSLR, How To

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