Monday, March 5, 2012

Minecraft Digital Clock 24 hour

Minecraft Digital Clock 24 hour Tube. Duration : 5.52 Mins.

Download saving file: If you got any stupid questions like: Is it real? Is it a torch display? Is it a mod? Please download the saving file and check for your self:P Watch my newest minecraft clock with pistons! The clock took about 0133 Months to make(I made it in April). The clock is built up in the same way as my last clock, but i added hours and minutes. I also added buttons to edit the time, and a reset button to reset the clock. The reset button is a little bit laggy, didn't bother timing the readstone delay on the reset function... The video was recorded in Fraps, "tilt-shift" effect was rendered in "blender 2.49b", final video output was rendered in "Vegas Pro 10".

Keywords: minecraft, 24, hour, digital, clock, vegas, pro, 10, blender, 2.49b, creature, animation, world, camera, fraps, mojang, readstone, hours, minutes, tilt, shift, segment, display, bit, counter, sheep, logic, gates, pig, watch

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