Thursday, March 8, 2012

Palden Dorje's speech.wmv

Palden Dorje's speech.wmv Tube. Duration : 8.65 Mins.

Apologies, I filmed this badly, I was trying to pay attention to him and not the camera, and my hands shook terribly. I was biding my time as my real cameraman was taking proper footage whereas I just had my normal digital nikon camera. I hope there is nothing missing. At the end Palden Dorje complains to Karmal Lama about the sound, and Karmal Lama does a sound check. Palden Dorje repeated this speech ad verbatim three times because of disturbances. He thought it was more important that we hear the speech, than obeying protocol which requires a person to make a speech once, no matter what the disturbances. Many reporters mistook the meaning behind his actions.

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