Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to Key Green Screen DSLR Footage in Premiere Pro CS5

How to Key Green Screen DSLR Footage in Premiere Pro CS5 Tube. Duration : 7.22 Mins. Almost from the start I have been following, yes I know it's mostly a photography site and not about DSLR video, but actually it relates to video more than you think. If you ever watched some of their featured videos like the one with the Iphone or even the Lee Morris wedding photography video you will notice that not only do these guys take awesome pictures, but they also create some awesome BTS videos as well. Patrick Hall from Fstoppers contacted me and asked if I would create step-by-step green screen tutorial for Premiere CS5, and I told him I would be honored. Just a quick disclaimer for those not familiar with me and my site, I'm an amateur and I show all the mistakes I make as I learn how to shoot video on a DSLR. That being said, I have been doing green screen work for about 4 years now, but I am totally self taught - so I am not a pro at this. I use cheap halogen work lights for my setup. First up is my 250watt hair light which provides some depth by providing a nice rim light on my shoulder and hair, I made the barn doors out of sheet metal. Next up is my 1000 watt key light that's high up and pointing through a window frame made from nylon stop fabric. My fill light is set to 500 watts which also is using the same screen frame. After that I have two work lights for lighting the green screen, and as you can see they do a bad job, one of these days I'm going to replace them with something better but Premiere Pro does such ...

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