Friday, April 20, 2012

Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (cover)

Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (cover) Tube. Duration : 6.83 Mins.

I wasn't quite happy with my old cover of this song, partly due to my EQ-settings, partly due to my playing. So this time I was stubbornly determined to make it perfect, and to be honest, I had to re-play Friedman's solos LOTS of times, across several days, and that's why it took me five days to upload this cover. I think this should do it, it's not like Friedman himself but I got the notes and almost the expression right. This is arguably Megadeth's best song. This is actually the song that once got me into Megadeth, and the masterminds of Mustaine and Friedman are definitely shining in this one. Recorded from December 30 of 2009 to January 3 of 2010 using a Pentax Optio M30 regular digital camera, audio recorded with an iAudio 7. Edited using Magix Music Maker 10 Deluxe and streamed as a 640x480 resolution Windows Media Video with 25 fps. Guitar: Jackson Warrior WRMG (with EMG 81/85) Amplifier: Peavey 6505+ and an Ashdown Peacemaker 412A cabinet with Celestion G12E-50 speakers. Settings: Lead channel: Pre: 7.25 Low: 3 Mid: 3 High: 9 Post: 1 Resonance: 1.5 Presence: 8.5 Strings: GHS TNT Pick: Dunlop Jazz III If you rate it, please motivate and write a comment too. Thanks for watching! You can also see the old cover from October 2008 here: The powertab I used can be found here: You can download Power Tab Editor here (freeware):

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