Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Naka Blood - PNG Pom City

Naka Blood - PNG Pom City Video Clips. Duration : 3.98 Mins.

Official Music Video For Naka Blood's Pom City. The shooting took a day. The video was entirely shot with a Canon digital camera (obviously) and a budget of around K100.00 (mainly fuel, smoke and buai). Big Thank you going out to Naxiired for the driving around... Only if we had better equipment! Naka Bloodz i-Zac, Naka Izzy Tattz - ViiD - Lawgii - Credits: Beat done by CalebTeulilo - Dance Foot works at 2:44 by Kaweh - Camera/Video Editing - Links http http You sa'e.."All up in the videos" Nambaut

Tags: PNG, Papua New Guinea, Naka Blood, Nakablood, Naka-Blood, Pom City, Port Moresby, Hip-hop, hiphop, Reggae, Music

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