Friday, April 13, 2012

Shooting, Cleaning, Cooking a Rabbit [Simple Recipe]

Shooting, Cleaning, Cooking a Rabbit [Simple Recipe] Video Clips. Duration : 10.38 Mins.

There are 1000001 ways to kill, clean, and cook a rabbit. Here is one way... Whether you are a follower of the organic movement or simply want to save money on groceries, you should really consider making use of all the free meat running around your back yard. Skinning rabbits is a breeze - no matter how you do it. And rabbit meat is about as healthy as it comes (so long as you aren't spraying your lawn with chemicals). This winter, I hope to make it out on numerous rabbit hunts. I also plan to contact my old buddies from the north lands, and see if I can join them on a walk through the woods, going after snowshoe hares. If I get a bunch more of these guys, I'll show you some other of my favorite recipes. The slow-cooker is a rabbit hunter's best friend! I was originally going to name this video "Garden Pest to Dinner 'Guest'". But, decided to keep things simple, after my last video-naming fiasco. ;) Equipment list: Edgun Matador PCP Air Rifle JSB 18.1gr pellets (900fps) Hawke Sidewinder 30 6.5-20x42mm Seben DKA2 Camera Mount (same as Orion Steadypix Deluxe) Casio EX FC 150 digital Camera

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